EU Commission admits European Citizens’ Initiative was citizen-unfriendly

The EU Commission on 13 September issued a proposal to simplify the procedures in place for European Citizens’ Initiatives (ECIs), admitting that the current system, in place since 2012, is burdensome and bureaucratic for civil society. Continue reading


EU Commission to subject all its staff to LGBT “awareness training”

efb947fe4673fdf3e4750f40491b9de2--the-internet-pin-upThe European Commission on 19 July adopted so-called “Diversity and Inclusion Charter” which would see EU officials being forced to attend “awareness training” sessions aimed at subjecting them to homosexualist propaganda.

The EU administration has fallen victim to the powerful and well-funded Lesbian-Gay Bullying Totalitarian (LGBT) lobby, which has long advocated the normalisation of their sexual practices, and particularly targeted schools and public administrations. Continue reading