The newest “human right” sought by the LGBT-lobby: lesbian cross-fertilization

procreation-in-vitro-les-17-meilleurs-centres-francaisThere appears to be no perversion of sex and human procreation that the LGBT-lobby will not seek to promote – and in which they would not expect the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) to happily lend a hand.

The newest “human right” that the sex-perverts hope to see recognized is the right to legal recognition of a “shared lesbian motherhood”, engineered by two lesbian women of which one had one of her oocytes fertilized in vitro with the sperm of an unknown “donor” and implanted into the womb of her same-sex life partner. Continue reading “The newest “human right” sought by the LGBT-lobby: lesbian cross-fertilization”


EU Parliament advocates recognition of LGBT adoptions

gayadoptionabstrThe European Parliament adopted a resolution on 2 February which urged the EU Commission to require all 28 EU Member States to recognise each other’s adoption certificates automatically. While claiming to be about helping parents and children, hidden in the text are dangerous aims to oblige all Member States to de facto recognise same-sex adoptions, even if illegal in their own country. Continue reading “EU Parliament advocates recognition of LGBT adoptions”

The European Human Rights Court once again pushes for a “Right to a Child”

pic-7The notoriously spun-out-of-control European Human Rights Court has yet again issued an astonishing judgment in which it pushes forward, in incremental steps, towards the creation of a “right to a child”.

In the case of A.H. and others v. Russia the Court had to deal with the claims of a group of American applicants whose procedures to adopt children in Russia had come to an abrupt end when the Russian Federation – reacting to the fact that the US now allow same-sex couples to adopt children – suddenly adopted a new law that barred Americans from adopting Russian children. The Court concluded that this abrupt end of the adoption proceedings, which had already reached a fairly advanced stage, constituted a breach of Art. 14 in conjunction with Art. 8 of the European Human Rights Convention, i.e. a “discrimination with regard to the right to respect of the private and family lives” of the applicants.

This finding implies that there is a “Right to Adopt a Child” enshrined somewhere in the Convention, which is of course wrong. Continue reading “The European Human Rights Court once again pushes for a “Right to a Child””

Portugal: Left-wing majority delivers innocent children into the hands of abortionists and sodomites

041009_GayParents_hd.hmediumThe veto of President Anibal Cavaco Silva could only delay, but not prevent the adoption of two profoundly evil laws by the left-wing government currently ruling Portugal. One of the new laws liberalizes abortion, whereas the others makes it possible for same-sex couples to create artificial “families” through the adoption of children. Continue reading “Portugal: Left-wing majority delivers innocent children into the hands of abortionists and sodomites”

Portugal: Outgoing President wants to save children from homo-“parenting” and abortion

22.09-CavacoIn one of his last political acts before leaving office, outgoing  Portuguese President Anibal Cavaco Silva vetoed on Monday a bill that would give adoption rights to same-sex couples.

The law allowing gay couples to adopt passed through parliament on December 18, and was one of socialist Prime Minister Antonio Costa’s political priorities. The current government, which depends on the vote of two Communist parties, is planning to reverse Portugal’s frail economic recovery and to undermine basic social institutions such as marriage and the family. Continue reading “Portugal: Outgoing President wants to save children from homo-“parenting” and abortion”

What is Michael O’Flaherty’s stance on surrogacy?

It is very strange that the European Commission, when pre-selecting its three (out of 45) preferred candidates for the post of Director of the Fundamental Rights Agency (FRA), apparently did not make any effort to check out the stances taken by those preferred candidates on some crucial issues. Or, if it did, the conclusion must be that the Commission is in fact supporting and endorsing them.

Which, for example, is the position the FRA’s new Director will take with regard to surrogacy? Continue reading “What is Michael O’Flaherty’s stance on surrogacy?”