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attack-on-familyby Anthony Esolen, Crisis Magazine, commenting on a book by a notorious Catholic priest

Father James G. Martin, S.J., is either a cruel or a foolish man. It does not seem to be the first. But if it is not that, it must be the second, because that alone can explain how a Catholic priest can live in the midst of massive and unprecedented family breakdown, and the chaos, loneliness, and alienation consequent upon it, and still wave the banner for the latest innovation in sexual confusion.

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The war against same-sex “marriage” is won … at least intellectually

While we must slowly get used to the thought that the US Supreme Court, in a decision that is expected before the summer break, might push judicial activism to new and unprecedented levels by effectively outlawing the understanding of marriage that was common to all human civilizations at all times, there is good news from another front of the cultural war. That news is that on the intellectual level the war against same-sex “marriage” is over, and the supporters of marriage as a union between a man and a woman have won.

This is our impression from reading a book that was published in the US last year that, although written for an American readership (and therefore full of references to the US political system and the case-law of US law courts), can unreservedly be recommended to European readers:

Robert. R. Reilly: Making Gay Okay – How Rationalizing Homosexual Behavior Is Changing Everything, Ignatius Press (2014) Continue reading “The war against same-sex “marriage” is won … at least intellectually”