US Supreme Court to hear case on sodo-“wedding” cake

o-gay-wedding-cake-facebookThe LGBT Agenda is pitched by its ideological supporters as an expansion of civil rights, but it becomes increasingly clear that in reality it provides a tool for spiteful sodomites to harass and vilify their real or perceived opponents. The question is whether that is not the true intention.

The Supreme Court agreed on Monday to hear an appeal from a Colorado baker who disagreed with the notion of same-sex “marriage” who had lost a discrimination case for refusing to create a cake to celebrate such an aberration. Continue reading “US Supreme Court to hear case on sodo-“wedding” cake”


US: employers no longer obliged to pay for their employees’ “birth control”

President Trump signs the Executive Order on Promoting FreeUnder President Trump, sanity and justice seem to slowly return into US politics.

Following up on a pledge by President Trump made during his election campaign, federal officials have drafted a provision contained in former President Obama’s “Affordable Care Act” (aka “Obamacare”) that required employers to provide so-called “birth control” coverage in health insurance plans. The provision, which cynically defined contraception (including some methods that objectively must be qualified as chemical abortion) as part of “health care” and thus obliged employers to pay for (some of) their employee’s questionable lifestyle choices, was one of the most controversial in Obama administration policies adopted under the Affordable Care Act, and it generated scores of lawsuits by employers that had conscientious objections to it. Continue reading “US: employers no longer obliged to pay for their employees’ “birth control””

“Liberal” media wage campaign against freedom of conscience rights

schwangerschaftsabbruchIn a strange coincidence, the German weekly ‘Der Spiegel’ is running, and other German papers are supporting, a nasty campaign against a brave obstetrician of Dannenberg who refuses performing abortions in the clinic of which he heads the gynaecology department, bewailing the fact that women in that remote region of Germany have to travel up to 20 km from home to get their babies killed, while at the same time POLITICO has a piece on its title page in which it bemoans that in Italy the number of conscientious objectors, i.e. doctors and medical staff who refuse performing abortions seems to be rapidly increasing, reaching more than 90% in regions like South Tyrol and Molise.

It is certainly strange for self-perceived “liberal” media to bewail the fact that in our society people still have the right, and some even the courage, to act according to their consciences.  Continue reading ““Liberal” media wage campaign against freedom of conscience rights”

United States, an example to follow…

.- The U.S. House of Representatives passed its first major pro-life bill of the new year on Tuesday, one which would solidify in law the current policy of no federal funding of abortions.

The bill would “protect Americans’ conscience rights by ensuring that their hard-earned tax dollars are not used to fund the destruction of innocent life,” Rep. Diane Black (R-Tenn.) said on the House Floor before the vote.

Continue reading “United States, an example to follow…”

Sweden: abortion is the ultimate “refusal to care”

Regeringsduo2While in other European countries politicians, and in particular members of the government, are careful not to meddle with the separation of powers, this is apparently not so in Sweden.

In a newspaper op-ed for Aftonbladed, two members of the current Socialist-led government, Minister for Health  Gabriel Wikström and Minister for Equality Åsa Regnér, are commenting on last week’s decision by a law court in Jönköping that rejects the claim for equal employment opportunities brought by Ellinor Grimmark, a young midwife who despite her qualifications was denied employment because of her conscientious objection against performing abortion. Continue reading “Sweden: abortion is the ultimate “refusal to care””

In Sweden, midwives must be willing to kill – otherwise they get no job.

EllinorGrimmark_ostetrica_licenziataIn all other countries the job of a midwife is to help children being born. In Sweden, by contrast, the job description includes abortion.

The Jönköping District Court ruled Thursday against midwife Ellinor Grimmark who was unjustly denied employment by three different hospitals because of her conscientious objection to abortion.  Continue reading “In Sweden, midwives must be willing to kill – otherwise they get no job.”