Does the Pope have a secret plan to change teaching on artificial contraception?

pope_paul_vi_visits_geneva_to_address_ilo_conference_on_fiftieth_anniversary_june_10_1969_credit_un_photo_cna_10_9_14According to a very interesting article by Edward Pentin, a campaign is underway to change the Catholic Church’s position on contraception. This campaign involves the setting up of a secret commission with the task of studying the 1968 encyclical letter “Humanae Vitae” through which Pope Paul VI had condemned the use of the contraceptive pill, predicting the damage the acceptance of this practice would inflict on society.

Although the encyclical looks prophetic in hindsight, the current Pope seems uninterested in learning the lesson from history. Apparently the study commission, which was kept secret py the pontiff’s “inner circle” until leaked documents made its existence undeniable, is looking for historical arguments that Paul VI had been “unduly pressured” to maintain the Church’s moral teaching, while in reality he had intended to change it.

After the two controversial Family Synods of 2014 and 2015, and the ensuing Apostolic Exhortation “Amoris Laetitia”, Pope Francis’ project to make the Catholic Church compatible with post-1968 Western lifestyles appears to be finally taking aim at its principal target.


US: employers no longer obliged to pay for their employees’ “birth control”

President Trump signs the Executive Order on Promoting FreeUnder President Trump, sanity and justice seem to slowly return into US politics.

Following up on a pledge by President Trump made during his election campaign, federal officials have drafted a provision contained in former President Obama’s “Affordable Care Act” (aka “Obamacare”) that required employers to provide so-called “birth control” coverage in health insurance plans. The provision, which cynically defined contraception (including some methods that objectively must be qualified as chemical abortion) as part of “health care” and thus obliged employers to pay for (some of) their employee’s questionable lifestyle choices, was one of the most controversial in Obama administration policies adopted under the Affordable Care Act, and it generated scores of lawsuits by employers that had conscientious objections to it. Continue reading

US House endorses bill to replace controversial “Obamacare”

obamacareWith 217-213 votes the House passed a health care bill on Thursday that would repeal and replace major parts of fomer US President Obama’s “Affordable Care Act”. While there is broad consensus in the US on the objective of making health care more affordable, Obamacare was highly controversial because it used “health care” as a pretext for promoting abortion and contraception, making it an obligation for employers, including even faith-based institutions whose professed ethics prohibit such abominations, to finance both.

Today’s vote is an important step forward towards the restoration of liberty of conscience, and a severe blow to the abortion industry. However, the bill still needs to pass a vote in the Senate.

Pope’s interference with the Order of Malta raises questions regarding his loyalty to Church doctrine on sexual ethics

Last Saturday the Sovereign Council of the Order of Malta has elected Frà Giacomo della Torre as Lieutenant ad interim for a period of one year, to replace former Grand Master Frà Matthew Festing who, despite having been elected for life time, stepped down in obedience to a request put to him personally by Pope Francis. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that this will resolve the current disputes within the ancient and noble Catholic order, which is to be considered the world’s oldest and most prestigious NGO. Instead, the crisis of the Maltese Order is increasingly transformed into a crisis of the Catholic Church as a whole, raising doubts regarding both the legality of, and the motivations behind, Pope Francis’s interference with what originally were the Order’s internal affairs. Continue reading

The Zika virus and the contraceptive pill

aedes_aegypti_cdc-gathanyNews are going round that Pope Francis, in one of his by now notorious of-the-cuff interviews on the airplane bringing him back from Mexico to Rome, has “allowed the faithful to use the contraceptive pill in order to avoid the conception of children that might carry the Zika Virus. The virus is believed to cause severe malformations of the fetus.

Whoever reads the transcript of the interview will discover that the Pope has not said this. Continue reading