The Zika virus and the contraceptive pill

aedes_aegypti_cdc-gathanyNews are going round that Pope Francis, in one of his by now notorious of-the-cuff interviews on the airplane bringing him back from Mexico to Rome, has “allowed the faithful to use the contraceptive pill in order to avoid the conception of children that might carry the Zika Virus. The virus is believed to cause severe malformations of the fetus.

Whoever reads the transcript of the interview will discover that the Pope has not said this. Continue reading

Contraceptive hormones in drinking water: fertility catastrophe in the making?

While media and politicians keep brainwashing us that the use of medical contraceptives is “an intimate choice” that belongs to a person’s “private life”, evidence  is emerging that in fact it has serious consequences for society at large. Indeed, it seems that whoever considers this to be a “private” matter would have to say the same of all other forms of polluting the environment.

A recent report from the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) found that birth-control hormones excreted by women, flushed into waterways and eventually into drinking water can also impact fish fertility up to three generations after exposure — raising questions about their effects on humans, who are consuming the drugs without even knowing it in each glass of water they drink. Continue reading

Anti-life lobby wins another vote in the EP – this time on “child pregnancies in Paraguay”

Somewhat eclipsed by the narrow outcome of the vote on the controversial Noichl-Report on Tuesday, the European Parliament has on Thursday adopted yet another text to undermine the right to life of unborn children. To achieve this objective, the anti-life groups (i.e. Socialists, Communists, Greens, “Liberals”, and the extreme-right EFDD) feigned concern over teenage pregnancies in Paraguay – truly an issue at the very heart of the EU’s competences…  Continue reading

Abortion, contraception, “sustainable development”: will Catholic doctrine be changed to accommodate UN thinking?

A new papal encyclical on sustainable development, allegedly with the incipit “Laudato sii”, is expected to be published in the coming days. But while the content of the document is yet unknown, there are increasingly vocal concerns about who may have helped in drafting it. In particular, the fact that UN General Secretary Ban Ki-Moon and his “special adviser” Jeffrey Sachs, arguably two of the most powerful proponents of abortion and population control in the world, were offered a platform at the Vatican during a conference on climate change, has caused some astonishment among Catholic faithful. Is the Church going to sign up to the UN bureaucracy’s creed that reducing population growth in poor country is the best method to reduce poverty and stall climate change?

Stefano Gennarini of Turtle Bay and Beyond has asked some critical questions to the Chancellor of the Pontifical Academy of Sciences (PAS), Monsignor Marcelo Sánchez Sorondo. The replies he got do not seem to have satisfied him, and he has commented on them in an article written for First Things. Both the interview and the article are worth reading.

European Commission confirms: Member States may prohibit sale of ellaOne

Earlier this year there were reports that the European Commission had adopted a decision making it compulsory for Member States to allow the prescription-free sale of ellaOne, an abortifacient drug also known as “the morning-after-pill”. In several countries, such as Germany, these news provided a pretext for abolishing legislation that allowed the sale of the product only on the basis of a medical prescription.

Following a Written Question jointly submitted by not less than 15 MEPs, the Commission has now confirmed what we already wrote at the time: the controversial Decision in fact does not oblige Member States to allow the sale of the baby-killer pill, be it with or without prescription. Continue reading

Is there such a thing as an “unmet need for contraception”?

One of the important tasks in fighting the global Sexual Revolution consists in debunking the phony concepts that are used to promote it. Rebecca Oas does precisely that with regard to the notion of “unmet need for contraception”, which is used by UN and EU bureaucracies to shovel millions of taxpayers’ Dollars into the pockets of IPPF, Marie Stopes, and similar businesses.

Read her piece at the C-Fam website, where you will also find a ready-to-use factsheet on the subject.