European Parliament: the nice videos you will soon not see anymore

With the coming into force of the EP’s new Rule 165, the President (or whoever presides over a session of the plenary or a committee at any time) will have the right to interrupt live broadcasting of the session in case of “defamatory, racist or xenophobic language or behavior” by a member. Furthermore, the president may decide, “to delete from the audiovisual record of the proceedings” the parts in question. Continue reading

“Rule of Law” – The EU’s strange silence on Romania

protest-am-donnerstagabend-inFor quite a while now, representatives of the EU and its institutions have relentlessly expressed their “concern” over the political situation in Hungary and Poland, accusing the respective governments of undermining what is vaguely described as the “rule of law”.

Given these antecedents, it is astonishing to observe that the current situation in Romania does not seem to trigger any such concerns.

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European Parliament pushes for fully federal EU

On 8 December the European Parliament’s Constitutional Affairs Committee concluded its work on two major reports dealing with the current and future constitutional framework of the EU. The three MEPs involved, Guy Verhofstadt, Elmar Brok and Mercedes Bresso, are all longtime federalists, so it is not surprising that their proposals for getting the EU out of its current malaise is more Europe, and faster. Continue reading