EU Commission admits European Citizens’ Initiative was citizen-unfriendly

The EU Commission on 13 September issued a proposal to simplify the procedures in place for European Citizens’ Initiatives (ECIs), admitting that the current system, in place since 2012, is burdensome and bureaucratic for civil society. Continue reading “EU Commission admits European Citizens’ Initiative was citizen-unfriendly”


Save the climate, have no children. Or, even better, eradicate mankind.

rohingya-refugee-children-smiles-while-holding-an-umbrella-during-heavy-at-the-kutupalang-makeshift-refugee-camp-in-coxs-bazar_1499863299887947_v0_hPublished today in the journal Environmental Research Letters,  a study from Lund University finds that the four actions that most substantially decrease an individual’s “carbon footprint” are: eating a plant-based diet, avoiding air travel, living car-free, and having smaller families. Continue reading “Save the climate, have no children. Or, even better, eradicate mankind.”

Instead of bailing out baby murderers, EU should fund serious-minded development aid

The shameful “SheDecides” campaign, launched by deluded feminist politicians who measure the success of their “development aid” by the number of abortions they can finance with EU taxpayers’ money, has announced that it has collected pledges amounting to 181 million Euro from various donors, mostly governments of a small group of EU Member States. This falls short of the group’s ambition to compensate Planned Parenthood, Marie Stopes, and other baby-murderer syndicates posturing as “healthcare providers” for the effects of the US administration’s decision to reinstate the Mexico City policy. Continue reading “Instead of bailing out baby murderers, EU should fund serious-minded development aid”

Increasing confusion inside the Catholic Church

soros-2There is increasing concern among Catholic faithful that Pope Francis, in a weird attempt to reconcile the Catholic Church with “modernity”, is making concessions that are clearly at odds with doctrine. This should be worrying not only Catholics, but everyone who believes that all human beings should fully enjoy the protection of their human rights and dignity from the time of conception unto death, because the Catholic Church has for many decades been a lonesome bulwark to advocate and defend these rights against the relentless attacks ideologues and self-serving pressure groups, to which certain governments and international organizations have been all too receptive. Now it looks as if that bulwark were to be eroded. Continue reading “Increasing confusion inside the Catholic Church”

Obituary: Michael Novak, American theologian (1933-2017)

257725_5_Michael Novak, one of the most influential American theologians and philosophers of the 20th century passed away on 17 February. Novak, who served as an Ambassador under US President Ronald Reagan, and an adviser to two Popes, made his own small contribution to defeating the tyrannical communist systems of the Soviet bloc. Continue reading “Obituary: Michael Novak, American theologian (1933-2017)”

MEPs criticise Juncker’s praise for Cuban dictator their plenary session in Brussels this week, Members of the European Parliament expressed disapproval for the insensitive and inappropriate statement made by Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on the death of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. This follows the overt challenge to the gaffe-prone Juncker by his own Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom who publicly rejected her boss’s fawning comments about the major human rights abuser. Continue reading “MEPs criticise Juncker’s praise for Cuban dictator”