Increasing confusion inside the Catholic Church

soros-2There is increasing concern among Catholic faithful that Pope Francis, in a weird attempt to reconcile the Catholic Church with “modernity”, is making concessions that are clearly at odds with doctrine. This should be worrying not only Catholics, but everyone who believes that all human beings should fully enjoy the protection of their human rights and dignity from the time of conception unto death, because the Catholic Church has for many decades been a lonesome bulwark to advocate and defend these rights against the relentless attacks ideologues and self-serving pressure groups, to which certain governments and international organizations have been all too receptive. Now it looks as if that bulwark were to be eroded. Continue reading

Dutch minister wants to compensate abortion-industry for loss of US funding

ploumen-wil-abortus-maatregel-trump-teniet-doenThis promise, if made real, could become very expensive for taxpayers in the Netherlands. The country’s minister for foreign aid, Lilianne Ploumen, has announced that her country wants to compensate abortionists world-wide for the pecuniary losses they are expected to suffer as a consequence of US President Donald Trump’s decision to unfund them. The total savings for US budget achieved through this measure are estimated to amount ca. 600 million US$ per year.  Continue reading

China abolishes “One-Child-Policy” … but continues intrusive birth control

geschwister-erlaubtIt is one of the biggest, most systematic, and most pernicious human rights abuses in recorded history: the One-Child-Policy through which from 1979 onwards the Chinese Government has sought to reduce the country’s population growth. According to that policy, which was enforced not only through financial incentives, but often through means such as forced abortions and state-imposed use of contraceptive devices, each couple was allowed to have no more than one child. Children conceived in excess of that quota were often forcibly aborted (i.e. against the will of their mothers) or, if they were born, systematically discriminated against by the State. Parents who had more children than the State allowed faced hefty financial sanctions, often including the loss of their jobs and livelihoods. Continue reading

African bishops tell the West: stop spreading the Culture of Death!

African.bishops-300x1791In view of the September 25 – 27 New-York Summit for the adoption of a “post-2015 global development agenda”, the Catholic Bishops of Africa and Madagascar have released a timely and incisive statement in which they warn of the consequences of the cultural imperialism exercised by the UN in the name of “sustainable development”. They denounce the “development agenda” promoted by certain western NGOs and governments as a new form of slavery, driven by the “helpers” perverse and selfish interest.

Although not explicitly mentioned, one of the main addressees of this statement is the European Commission, which administers the world’s biggest development aid budget.

As true shepherds, the bishops enjoy a far greater credibility than any NGO or UN Agency. Their message will therefore, at least in Africa, resound strongly and widely.

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