OIDEL to present its 2016 Freedom of Education Index in Brussels

https://i0.wp.com/a.abcnews.com/images/US/epa_german_family_asylum_kb_130329_wmain.jpgThe International Organization for the Right to Education and Freedom of Education (OIDEL) will present its Worldwide Report 2016 on Freedom of Education in Brussels on Wednesday 9 November. OIDEL is an NGO specialised in the right to education and freedom of education. It has consultative status with ECOSOC, UNESCO and the Council of Europe. Continue reading “OIDEL to present its 2016 Freedom of Education Index in Brussels”


Lesbian-Gay Bullying Totalitarians (LGBT) try to silence Church of Cyprus

https://www.neweurope.eu/wp-content/uploads/2016/05/ELAM-Cyprus-Church.jpgAs radical homosexualist militants ramp up their campaign to redefine marriage in Cyprus, they want to eliminate the Church of Cyprus from the public debate. In line with the tactics of the Lesbian-Gay Bullying Totalitarian (LGBT) lobby worldwide, they are seeking to use so-called ‘hate-speech’ laws to silence the Church and prevent its bishops and priests from telling Cypriots the truth about the dangers of homosexual activity. Continue reading “Lesbian-Gay Bullying Totalitarians (LGBT) try to silence Church of Cyprus”

UK: “Internationally renowned gay scholar” boasts 1.000 sexual conquests

The man is married (to another man), and he has two children (how exactly he got them, and whether they really are his, is however not quite clear). Yet he boasts about having had sex with more than 1.000 men.

This article, published in today’s Sunday Times, informs us of the academic and social accomplishments of an “internationally renowned gay scholar”, Prof. Eric Anderson of Winchester University, who also happened to be one of the most outspoken supporters of same-sex “marriage” when it was introduced in the UK. (The comments in brackets are ours): Continue reading “UK: “Internationally renowned gay scholar” boasts 1.000 sexual conquests”

Germany: no right to homeschooling for Christian parents, says Constitutional Court

familie_schaum_fam_hslda_131013-aThe German Federal Constitutional Court (Bundesverfassungsgericht – BVG) has declined to hear a case brought by Christian parents who, in view of questionable “sex education” and other controversial content of the official school curricula, had refused to send their children to school, preferring to teach them at home. In the Land of Hessen, where the applicants live, parents who refuse handing over their children to the state or a state-approved school can be punished with up to six months in prison, or a fine amounting to one half of their yearly income. The BVG decided that this sanction was not disproportionate and further clarified that it could be imposed separately and cumulatively in respect of each of the couple’s nine children. Continue reading “Germany: no right to homeschooling for Christian parents, says Constitutional Court”