CoE Human Rights Commissioner misuses his mandate, pushes for controversial sodo-“marriages”

phpthumb_generated_thumbnailNils Muižnieks, the current “Human Rights Commissioner” of the Council of Europe, misuses the prestige, the resources, and easy access to the media that are associated with his function to promote the legal recognition of same-sex “marriages” between sodomites, an issue for which very obviously he holds no mandate. He is doing so on the basis of spurious claim that sodomite-“marriage” is a “human right” awaiting to be discovered.

Here is his grotesque “Human Rights Comment”, published on the Council of Europe’s website. Continue reading

EU Member States are NOT obliged to introduce or recognize Sodo-“marriage”, EU Court confirms

91645ac327In the judgement it delivered today in the case of  David L. Parris v. Trinity College Dublin, the CJEU has (once more) confirmed that:

The Member States are … free to provide or not provide for marriage for persons of the same sex, or an alternative form of legal recognition of their relationship, and, if they do so provide, to lay down the date from which such a marriage or alternative form is to have effect.

As a matter of consequence, it found that the fact that Dublin’s Trinity College does not provide for a widower’s pension for the surviving part of a same-sex couple living in a registered “civil partnership” concluded in the UK is not a “discrimination” on the grounds of sexual orientation and/or age.

North Korea or Northern Ireland???

In the so-called Asher’s Bakery case, an appeals court in North Koreaern Ireland has upheld a judgment in which a baker has been condemned to a life-long prison sentence hefty fine for refusing to bake a cake with the words SUPPORT OUR GREAT LEADER KIM JONG-IL SAME-SEX MARRIAGE written on it. The court found the baker guilty of having discriminated his client, a member of the country’s Communist Party  an LGBT pressure group, on the basis of political sexual orientation.

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Who Killed Truth in Politics? A recent cover page of The Economist announced “Art of the lie: Post-truth politics in the age of social media”. Inside the lead article warns darkly of the threat to democracy posed by the notion that “feelings, not facts, are what matter”. The examples used to sustain The Economist’s thesis – Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan, the Polish Law and Justice Government, the Brexit ‘Leave’ campaign – leave us in no doubt about who the editor of this liberal newspaper believes is responsible for this threat, the political right. Continue reading

The latest discrimination victim…

…is, according to his self-perception, José Manuel Durão Barroso, former President of the European Commission, who, having accepted an appointment as “President without portefeuille” at Goldman Sachs, has been qualified as a lobbyist by the current Commission and thus stripped of the priviledged access that former Presidents normally enjoy. He wrote this in a somewhat larmoyant letter to Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker, extracts of which have been quoted by Associated Press.

It is unclear for which purposes other than lobbyism Mr. Barroso might have been recruited by the American investment bank.

“Discrimination” is a term that European politicians and political entrepreneurs routinely fill with every meaning they like, even the most absurd ones.

Hungarian Government: “marriage is between a man and a woman, and protecting it is not discriminatory” its decision to block two draft Council Conclusions prepared by the Dutch Presidency, the Hungarian Government has released an official statement in which it clarifies and confirms its position. According to this statement, Hungary is committed to fighting against real instances of discrimination, including discrimination of people with sexual orientation problems, but it is not prepared to accept that the definition of marriage exclusively as a union between a man and a woman, or the preferential treatment of marriage, be deemed “discriminatory”.

The ECtHR continues pushing a flawed concept of “family life”

ecthrThe European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) has today released its decision in the case of Pajić v. Croatia, in which it continues its policy of promoting an erroneous concept of “family life”, condemning Croatia for not a having granted to the applicant, a national of Bosnia and Herzegovina, a residence permit in Croatia on the grounds of” family reunification” with her same-sex “partner”. It is by now an established doctrine of the Court, albeit completely without basis in the text of the European Human Rights Convention, that same-sex couples should be treated in the same way as unmarried different-sex life partners. Continue reading