EU Commission launches legal proceedings against Hungary over “fundamental rights”

maxresdefaultThe European Commission on 13 July sent a “letter of formal notice” to Hungary over that country’s new law on foreign-funded NGOs adopted just one month earlier. The EU Commissioner for Fundamental Rights, Dutch Socialist Frans Timmermans, has alleged that Hungary is in breach of EU fundamental rights law. Continue reading


Abortion on the EP agenda…again!


Once again the European Parliament demonstrates its contempt for the rule of law when it comes to the issue of abortion. This time MEPs are all worked up about the proposed changes to the Polish law on abortion. They claim, wrongly, that the proposal to completely ban abortion would infringe ‘fundamental rights’. Neither the EU treaties, nor its Charter of Fundamental Rights, nor indeed any binding international document recognise a ‘right’ to abortion. Continue reading

Capital Punishment: the difference between “values”, “fundamental values”, and “EU values”

orbc3a1n-viktor-3With his suggestion that a re-introduction of the death penalty should be discussed in his country, Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán has stirred up excitement and angry reactions from all over Europe, including his political allies of the European People’s Party (EPP) who accuse him of violating the EU’s fundamental values.

The question is whether not having the death penalty really is a “fundamental value”. Continue reading