EU Commission President mourns loss of Cuban dictator an astounding lack of sensitivity for the families of the victims of the Castro dictatorship, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker fell over himself in expressing his sadness at this ‘great loss’. Fidel Castro, who passed away on 26 November, ruled communist Cuba with an iron fist for almost five decades. While it would be unchristian to welcome the death of any human being, it is important not to forget the inhuman legacy of the Castro regime. Continue reading

“Progressive values” – the Guardian’s plea for donations

Like many other newspapers that try to force their ideology on readers rather than informing them, the Guardian is losing readers and, by consequence, revenues. But it seems that this is not going to lead to a change in the editorial line (for example to be more factual and less opinionated). Instead, the editors have chosen to use the unexpected outcome of the US elections as an occasion for a rather unusual fundraising campaign: Continue reading

EU Commissioner hate-bombed by Lesbian Gay Bullying Totalitarians (LGBT)

The over-the-top outrage expressed by leftist liberal media outlets and Members of the European Parliament over a few harmless, if ill-judged, jokes cracked by German EU Commissioner Günther Oettinger recently, points to something more sinister behind this veritable hate-bombing of the clumsy Eurocrat. Mr Oettinger has subsequently issued an apology for any offence he might have given by his unscripted speech at a private dinner that was secretly recorded and put on the internet. Continue reading