A “Right to a Child”, no matter how…

224657As we learn from the website of the ECLJ, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) is going to hear another complaint that will offer it yet another welcome occasion to use misguided “anti-discrimination” arguments to push its sinister agenda of fabricating a “Right to a Child” for all and everyone, including those who by nature could never have one.

The case at hand is Charron and Merle-Montet v. France (Appl. N° 22612/15), in which two lesbian women, who are sodo-“married” under France’s controversial Loi Taubira, complain about the fact that legislation currently in force does not allow them to become “parents” through medically assisted procreation using the sperm of an anonymous “donor”. Continue reading “A “Right to a Child”, no matter how…”


The Economist reports a decline in Gendercide

3461549Liberal newspaper The Economist reported in a cover story in 2010 about what it dubbed ‘Gendercide’ or ‘The War on Baby Girls’ causing 130 million unborn or newborn girls to be murdered. Seven years later it seems that raising awareness of this crime against humanity has contributed to a decline in the barbaric practices. Even so, there are long-lasting devastating effects on many Asian societies. Continue reading “The Economist reports a decline in Gendercide”

French court rules Down Syndrome children must be hidden from public view

girl-with-down-syndromeIn a ruling that smacks of how mediaeval society treated lepers, the highest French court has ruled that images of smiling children who have Down Syndrome may not be shown on public television . The Council of State upheld the official TV censor’s banning at peak viewing times during commercials of a video entitled “Dear future Mom” which the Jerome Lejeune Foundation sought to broadcast. Continue reading “French court rules Down Syndrome children must be hidden from public view”

Welcome inclusion of girl with Down Syndrome in “Portrait of Britain” exhibition

2115In its recent photography exhibition, Portrait of Britain, displayed throughout the UK high streets, the British Journal of Photography featured a beautiful portrait of Beth Costerton, photographed for ‘This Is Me’, an exhibition of 50 portraits of children who have Down’s syndrome. This is a welcome development at a time when children with Down syndrome are at risk of extinction.

The nationwide exhibition on digital screens in railway stations, shopping centres, high streets and bus stops around the UK was based on a call for photographs that celebrate the UK’s unique heritage and diversity. Of nearly 4000 entries, the British Journal of Photography selected the portraits that capture the diversity of British people. The inclusion of the picture by photographer Andrew Shaylor of a girl with Down syndrome, Beth Costerton, sends a clear signal that such persons are equal members of British society. Continue reading “Welcome inclusion of girl with Down Syndrome in “Portrait of Britain” exhibition”

A sad anniversary

planned-parenthood-cakeAdmittedly, in the 100 years since the organization was founded by Margaret Sanger, Planned Parenthood may have killed somewhat less than 1 billion human beings. However, if you consider that they have been, and quite successfully so, pushing for the legalization of unborn-child-slaughtering all over the world, they are certainly responsible for far more than 1 billion premature deaths.

The World Health Organization estimates the annual number of abortions world wide at 50 million. Continue reading “A sad anniversary”

Abortion on the EP agenda…again!


Once again the European Parliament demonstrates its contempt for the rule of law when it comes to the issue of abortion. This time MEPs are all worked up about the proposed changes to the Polish law on abortion. They claim, wrongly, that the proposal to completely ban abortion would infringe ‘fundamental rights’. Neither the EU treaties, nor its Charter of Fundamental Rights, nor indeed any binding international document recognise a ‘right’ to abortion. Continue reading “Abortion on the EP agenda…again!”

UN bureaucrats and Irish government connive in a plot against unborn children

united-nations-flagThe UN Committee on Civil and Political Rights (CCPR), one of the UN’s so-called treaty monitoring bodies, has once again lived up to its sad reputation of being an ideologically tilted institution that, rather than protecting human rights, seeks to manipulate and distort their meaning in order to lend provide the aura of “legitimacy” to lobby groups and politicians who seek to cancel out the rights of the weak and defenceless.

The latest episode in this regrettable development is the Committee’s legal opinion in a case called Mellet v. Ireland, wherein it makes the spurious claim that the Irish ban on abortion violates several articles of the ICCPR. Why? Because it protects the lives of children prenatally diagnosed with a severe impairment. Continue reading “UN bureaucrats and Irish government connive in a plot against unborn children”