European Ombudsman supports pro-family citizens’ initiative against European Commission

defensora2beuropeaImportant moral victory for the pro-family European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) “Mum Dad & Kids”: Emily O´Reilly, the European Ombudsman, has written to the European Commission calling on the Commission to reconsider the manner in which it interprets and applies the ECI regulation. Her letter to Jean-Claude Juncker, which was published on July 13th, refers to the ongoing Public Consultation on the ECI and adds a number of her own recommendations.

Notably, the Ombudsman considers that  the signature gathering should start when organisers are ready for it: either on the date when the OCS is certified or at a date chosen by the organisers themselves (within a given timeframe), and not on a date arbitrarily chosen by the European Commission. Continue reading


Citizens’ Initiative “Mum, Dad and Kids” claims to have collected more than one million signatures


LOGO horizontalThe European citizen’s initiative “Mum, Dad & Kids”, which is campaigning for the inclusion of the definition of marriage as a union between one man and one woman into EU law, has finally released a statement in which it claims to have collected more than one million signatures, which will now be submitted to national authorities for validation. Continue reading

ECI “Mum Dad & Kids” ends today

The collection of signatures for the European Citizen’s Initiative “Mum Dad & Kids” will end today at midnight, one year after its inception. While the latest report, which dates back to the beginning of February, indicated that by then “more than 600.000” had been collected, it is entirely possible, if not likely, that, thanks to a strong mobilisation in the last weeks, the threshold of overall 1. million signatures will have been surpassed, once all on-line and paper signatures are counted together. Continue reading

Supporters of sodo-“marriage” gleeful over Commission’s unfair treatment of ECI

LOGO horizontalIt appears that the European Commission, instead of directly answering the letter that the organizers of the ECI “Mum Dad & Kids” have sent to it with regard to the initiative’s end date, prefers to entertain a correspondence on the subject with some homo-activists who gleefully report that the EU executive sticks to its illegal attempt of reducing the signature collection period for the pro-family initiative from 12 to eight months. Continue reading

European Commission wants to shut down successful ECI “Mum Dad & Kids”

MDK CaptureThe European Citizens’ Initiative “Mum Dad & Kids”, which campaigns against the arbitrary re-definition of “marriages” and “families”, has, eight months after its commencement, already fulfilled one of the two criteria to make it successful, surpassing a national threshold in at least seven Member States of the EU. In total, the number of signatures so far collected is estimated at between 400.000 and 500.000, but could also be higher, given that many signatures collected on paper reach the organizers only with some delay. The initiative now looks set to easily meet its official goal of crossing the threshold of one million signatures by 3 April 2017, one year after its commencement.

Yet there seems a conflict to be going on behind the scenes between the organizers and the European Commission, Continue reading