Save the date: Court to hear case of “One of Us v. the European Commission” on 14 March!

1-von-uns-7ea3da06It has been announced that on 14 March the General Court of the EU will hear the case of “One of Us v. the European Commission”, which the pro-life European Citizens’ Initiative “One of Us” has brought against the European Commission in view of the Commission’s failure to provide an adequate response to the 2 million citizens who have requested that legislation be proposed and enacted to prevent EU taxpayers’ money to be spent on the murdering of children befor birth. Continue reading

First ONE OF US Forum held in Paris

one_of_us_logo_02This Saturday, March 12, the new ONE OF US Federation has organized the 1st ONE OF US Forum for its first major public launch in Paris at Salle Gaveau. 1200 participants from the 28 European countries, 31 national organizations, high-ranking political officials, health and legal experts joined at this first-of-a-kind event in Europe. Read the full report here.

UK for the first time allows genetic manipulation of human embryos

Homunculus-alchemical-creationBy giving permission to a group of researchers to genetically modify human embryos, the United Kingdom has re-affirmed its role as the EU country in which scientists have to comply with the lowest ethical standards. The British government apparently considers low ethics a competitive advantage.

The Human Fertilisation and Embryology Authority (HFEA) has, for the first time, approved a licence to use gene editing in research. This decision recklessly tears down one of the last ethical barriers for research. From now on, ethics will never again be an obstacle for ambitious researchers, or for the multi-million industry behind them. Continue reading

Is the EU “ethical”?

image001What is the rule of ethics in the EU’s law-making process? This question will be discussed on 3 February at an event hosted by the EPP Group on Bioethics at the premises of the European Parliament in Strasbourg.

Observers are well aware that many law-makers, and in particular the European Commission, view ethics as something to tick off on their check-list, i.e. merely as an obstacle on the path towards new legislation. The result can be seen for example in the Commission’s response to the pro-life citizens’ initiative ONE OF US, in which it claimed to apply a high standard of ethical criteria when granting EU funds to research projects on human embryonic stem-cells. And what was this “high ethical standard”? It basically consisted in saying that the EU would not fund any project that is illegal in all EU Member States, or in the state where it is carried out. In other words, not contravening criminal law is sufficient for the Commission to claim that “high ethical standards” are met. N.B., this could also apply in which the research project at question would be illegal in 27 of 28 Member States, with the exception of the one Member State where it is carried out.

Germany: political extremists use arson to intimidate defenders of marriage and family

csm_55406_55408_b2badf65ecIn Germany there have been within just a few days two cases of arson directed against the property (and possibly the lives) of two prominent defenders of marriage, family, and the right to life. The first involved a conservative MEP, Beatrix von Storch, whose car was set on fire right in front of her house in Berlin around a week ago. Mrs. von Storch is a member of the European Parliament’s FEMM Committee, where she regularly intervenes to unmask the anti-human-rights agenda of the radical left. The second incident happened on Sunday night at Magdeburg, where unknown arsonists have burned a car and part of a building owned by the husband of Hedwig von Beverfoerde. Continue reading