EU Commission confirms it funds abortions

0Speaking at the “She Decides” conference in Brussels on 2 March, convened to raise funds for abortion-providers such as IPPF and Marie Stopes International, Neven Mimica, European Commissioner for International Cooperation and Development, stated that the EU Commission will keep using “our funds” for family planning services around the world, which he explained includes so-called “safe abortion”. Continue reading

Marie Stopes doctors approve abortions for women they’ve never met

The Daily Mail today has a well-researched report on how Marie Stopes, one of Europe’s biggest abortion providers, circumvents and disrespects all legal provisions that supposedly ensure that abortions take place only under closely defined circumstances.

This is once more proof of the abortion industry’s shameless and cynical disrespect for legal norms that, though already far too permissive, pretend to give a minimum f protection both to unborn children and their mothers.

Needless to recall that Marie Stopes has been shown to have received funding from the European Commission for carrying out abortions, including illegal ones, in developing countries…

Juncker’s “White Paper”: an occasion to neutralize the EU bureaucracy with regard to social issues

whitepaper-layout-en-20-p1-normalIn order to get the EU back on track following the Brexit vote and against the backdrop of a growing frustration among citizens, Jean-Claude Juncker has presented a new “White Paper” to initiate a new debate on the Union’s future. In it, the Commission President sketches out five possible scenarios. Very remarkably, for the first time such a paper offers for consideration the possibility of a “leaner” version  of the EU in which certain competences would be returned to Member States, and the EU institutions by consequence would stop interfering in areas where they are not able to provide real added value. Continue reading

EU Fundamental Rights Commissioner uses alarmist tactics to push fake rights

BELGIUM-EU-POLITICSThe EU’s Commissioner for for Fundamental Rights, Gender etc, Vera Jourová has issued a call to “action in defence of fundamental rights, democracy and the rule of law”. Speaking at the 10th anniversary ‘celebrations’ of the deviant EU Fundamental Rights Agency in Vienna, Ms Jourová outlined an agenda which really amounts to the Commission attacking freedom of expression and traditional values. Continue reading

EU Parliament votes for EU to fund abortions worldwide

abortion-fundingThe European Parliament adopted a non-binding resolution in Strasbourg on 14 February 2017 which calls on the EU to take over the worldwide funding of abortions to replace the funds that have been cut off to the global abortion industry by the new Trump Administration in the USA. The resolution was Parliament’s contribution to the upcoming 61st session of the UN Commission on the Status of Women. Continue reading

“Rule of Law” – The EU’s strange silence on Romania

protest-am-donnerstagabend-inFor quite a while now, representatives of the EU and its institutions have relentlessly expressed their “concern” over the political situation in Hungary and Poland, accusing the respective governments of undermining what is vaguely described as the “rule of law”.

Given these antecedents, it is astonishing to observe that the current situation in Romania does not seem to trigger any such concerns.

Continue reading