Sexual abuse is very frequent in the European Parliament, according to POLITICO

h_53581081-e1508851708210.jpgThe following is from the POLITICO Brussels Playbook, which is sent to thousands of subscribers in and around the EU institutions every day:

If Harvey Weinstein was Hollywood’s worst-kept secret, widespread harassment (and sometimes worse) is Brussels’ worst-kept secret. Regular readers of Brussels Playbook and EU Confidential podcast listeners will know of our efforts to shine a spotlight on inappropriate and illegal behavior. These are often terrifying experiences for the victims, and are complicated issues to report for reasons of privacy and natural justice. So far 54 women and two men have told Playbook their stories and we will continue to actively report this issue, publishing articles as appropriate. You can tell your story confidentially here.

Allegations made to Playbook include EU work contracts offered in exchange for sex, young women being sent to bars and dinners to trade sexual favors for legislative ones, a staffer asked to book prostitutes for their MEP boss, women bailed up in toilets at work functions and men bullied then sent on paid leave. You can listen to some of the stories in the “Dear POLITICO” section of the EU confidential podcast (Episodes one to 12).

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Schulz tells Germans to stop dictating – He should know!

PG-14-Martin-Schulz-In a statement typical of leftist propaganda, German Socialist leader Martin Schulz said in an interview with French newspaper Le Monde that Germans should stop dictating to other EU states. Comrade Schulz did not blush while making this hypocritical statement, apparently having airbrushed from history his five-year autocratic leadership of the European Parliament. Continue reading “Schulz tells Germans to stop dictating – He should know!”

French far-left leader investigated for fraud of EU funds

86687981_oThe French judicial authorities have opened an investigation into the finances of the leader of the French far-left Jean-Luc Mélenchon. It is alleged that he while he was a Member of the European Parliament for two terms, he illegally used EU funds intended to pay salaries of parliamentary assistants to pay for work done for his national far-left party back home. Continue reading “French far-left leader investigated for fraud of EU funds”

EU Condemns Pakistan over its blasphemy laws; Parliament calls for their abolition

Blasphemy-IslamThe Council of the EU adopted conclusions on Pakistan on 17 July where they once-more condemned the world’s third largest Muslim nation for its lack of freedom of religion, and in particular for its abusive blasphemy laws, stating that the EU has a clear interest in a stable, secure, and democratic Pakistan. Continue reading “EU Condemns Pakistan over its blasphemy laws; Parliament calls for their abolition”

Controversial “religious” art exhibition opens at EU Parliament

h_53575398-1Brussels-based newspaper New Europe reports that a controversial exhibition, “The Pillars of Scriptures”, by Danish artist Jens Galschiøt opened at the European Parliament in Brussels on 10 July. The eight sculptures show the darkest and brightest quotes from the Quran, the Bible, and the Torah. Continue reading “Controversial “religious” art exhibition opens at EU Parliament”

New leader of European Conservatives branded “homophobe” by LGBT extremists

legutko2_flaga_largeThe third largest political force in the European Parliament – the European Conservatives and Reformists (ECR) – elected as their new co-chair on 6 July the distinguished Polish professor of philosophy, Ryszard Legutko. LGBT militants are furious, smearing him as a “homophobe” due to his very solid natural law defence of the family and marriage. Continue reading “New leader of European Conservatives branded “homophobe” by LGBT extremists”

EU Parliament votes to address genocide by…promoting genocide!

ABORTION IS GENOCIDEThe European Parliament voted on 4 July a non-binding resolution aimed at “Addressing human rights violations in the context of war crimes, and crimes against humanity, including genocide”. Bizarrely however, the EU’s elected assembly decided that one of the tools required to combat such crimes was abortion – itself a crime against humanity’s most vulnerable members. Continue reading “EU Parliament votes to address genocide by…promoting genocide!”