Juncker’s “White Paper”: an occasion to neutralize the EU bureaucracy with regard to social issues

whitepaper-layout-en-20-p1-normalIn order to get the EU back on track following the Brexit vote and against the backdrop of a growing frustration among citizens, Jean-Claude Juncker has presented a new “White Paper” to initiate a new debate on the Union’s future. In it, the Commission President sketches out five possible scenarios. Very remarkably, for the first time such a paper offers for consideration the possibility of a “leaner” version  of the EU in which certain competences would be returned to Member States, and the EU institutions by consequence would stop interfering in areas where they are not able to provide real added value. Continue reading

What Donald Trump still needs to learn about the EU…

trump-eu-750x500In his riotous, and therefore quite amusing, press conference last week, US President Trump, among other things, sketched out his intended policy on trade:

Let me list to you some of the things that we’ve done in just a short period of time. I just got here. And I got here with no cabinet. Again, each of these actions is a promise I made to the American people.

I’ll go over just some of them and we have a lot happening next week and in the weeks — in the weeks coming. We’ve withdrawn from the job-killing disaster known as Trans Pacific Partnership. We’re going to make trade deals but we’re going to have one on one deals, bilateral. We’re going to have one on one deals.

So it is not that he wants to have no trade agreements at all, it is that he thinks he will cut better deals when negotiating bilateral rather than regional agreements. Continue reading

Schulz scandal: Social Democrats now claim that fraud is “normal practice” in the EP

Wahlkampftour des SPD Spizenkandidaten fuer die Europawahl 2014 Martin Schulz Foto: Martin Schulz in einem Charterflieger auf dem Weg von Dortmund nach Bremen In der Luft, 02.052014  [Rechte Dritter nicht beim Fotografen, keine Haftung bei Forderungen von abgebildeten Personen oder deren abgebildeten Gegenstaenden - Third party rights not with photographer, no liability for claims from persons or their objects photographed] Engl.: Europe, Germany, airplane, flight from Dortmund to Bremen, election campaign tour of the SPD top candidate for the European election 2014 Martin Schulz, politics, politician, election campaign, President of the European Parliament, elections, portrait, 02 May 2014 [Third party rights not with photographer, no liability for claims from persons or their objects photographed]It appears that Der Spiegel is going to serve us the saga of Martin Schulz and his cronies only in small instalments, so that we can expect further details to emerge in the coming days or weeks. Given that Schulz’s light-handed favouritism was legendary even by the European Parliament’s standards, there is probably a lot more to come.

For today the news is that there is now documentary proof  that Schulz was fully aware of Continue reading