UN spreading Communist ideology on “International Wymyn’s Day”

8 March, the so-called “International Women’s Day”, was first celebrated in the Soviet Union thanks to V. I. Lenin and his People’s Commissioner for Social Welfare, Alexandra Kollontai. It was also under Lenin and Kollontai that the Soviet Union became the first country to legalize the murdering of un-born children, and to abolish the institution of marriage (which, however, was re-introduced soon afterwards). Nowadays, it is institutions like the UN and the EU who force this Communist holiday on citizens.

The UN today issued a statement by “Women’s Human Rights Experts”, which laments the fact that some countries still dare to protect the human right to life as from the time of conception. Continue reading

Obituary: Norma McCorvey, the mother in Roe v. Wade (1947-2017)

ap090728018889-620x590Norma McCorvey, the mother who sought an abortion in the infamous 1973 Roe v. Wade case in the US Supreme Court passed away on 18 February. The case in which she was referred to anonymously as Jane Roe ended in a ruling by the activist court which deemed that the US Constitution guaranteed a “right to abortion”, something found nowhere in the text, thereby striking down all laws by individual states which banned abortion. Continue reading

The Economist reports a decline in Gendercide

3461549Liberal newspaper The Economist reported in a cover story in 2010 about what it dubbed ‘Gendercide’ or ‘The War on Baby Girls’ causing 130 million unborn or newborn girls to be murdered. Seven years later it seems that raising awareness of this crime against humanity has contributed to a decline in the barbaric practices. Even so, there are long-lasting devastating effects on many Asian societies. Continue reading

EU institutions join forces in further push for gender ideology Istanbul Convention

pediatricians-call-gender-ideology-what-it-is-child-abuse-no-textThe European Parliament’s two most extremist committees – on Civil Liberties (LIBE) and Women’s Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM) join forces, supported by the European Commission and the Council, to hold a special Public Hearing today (full programme below) aimed at advancing dangerous gender ideology and forcing Member States to adopt the Istanbul Convention which is tainted by it. Continue reading

‘Feminist’ snow-plowing system brings Stockholm to a standstill

gettyimages-621948112On one of the permanent pages of this website, we have characterized Feminism as a new form of Marxism.And like Marxism, when put into practices, had detrimental effects for the countries adhering to it, so will Feminism.

If any new evidence was needed for this, it was provided these days by the Town Council of Stockholm, who have invented a new “gender-balanced” snow-plowing system for the Swedish capital. Continue reading