“Equality” Law backfires: court awards 300.000 € to man discriminated by feminist politician

bures1Austria’s Social Democrats will in future probably think twice before they give their back-up to any new anti-discrimination measures. The country’s Federal Administrative Court has condemned the State to pay more than 300.000 Euro in damages to a man who had unsuccessfully applied for a Director post in the Federal Ministry of Infrastructure. Although according to an objective evaluation he had been (by a very narrow margin) the best qualified among the applicant, the job was given to a female colleague thanks to the insistence of the minister at the time, a Socialist named Mrs. Doris Bures, who is known for radical feminist positions.

Mrs. Bures’s successor as Minister, Mr. Norbert Hofer, considers that it is not the State who should be held responsible for Mrs. Bures’s actions, and is examining possible legal action to recover the damage payment from her.


European citizens increasingly critical of Feminist agenda, MEP admits

8f058d7c-cf25-4789-b95b-dbeec98649e7.jpgAccording to a report in the Austrian newspaper “Der Standard”, the radical Feminist agenda promoted by the European Parliament’s ultra-radical FEMM committee is meeting increasing resistance from EU citizens – remarkably strong resistance indeed, given that average Europeans usually do not care too much about what is going on inside the EP.

Austrian MEP Angelica Mlinar, Member of the “liberal” (in fact rabidly intolerant)ALDE group, is reported as saying that the FEMM Committee gets between 5000 and 6000 unsolicited letters every month from European citizens, asking it to stop pushing its radical “Anti-Discrimination”-, Feminist, and “LGBT” agendas.

(That must be when there are no petitions by CitizenGo are going on…)

The Radicals however do not intend to refrain from acting against the electorate’s will.