Gender-Science debunks Gender-Ideology

symbole-fuer-das-maennliche[1]In these times of “fake news” and “alternative facts”, where supporters of a science-based world view find it necessary to organize a street protest against anti-scientific ideologies, the most obviously anti-scientific ideology is the one known as “Gender-Ideology”: the notion that the differences between men and women are not biological, but go back only to socially imposed “gender stereotypes”.

Serious-minded scienctific research in the meantime is producing more and more evidence how deeply rooted the differences between the sexes really are. Continue reading

Lesbian Lunacek to leave EP

Lunacek, head of the Electoral Observation Mission of the European Union, arrives to a news conference in TegucigalpaUlrike Lunacek (Greens), openly lesbian EP Vice-President notorious for her abortion-and-sodomy militantism, is going to leave the European Parliament. She will return to her native Austria to be the Green Party’s “lead candidate” (Spitzenkandidat) in the upcoming national elections. Continue reading

The EU’s (somewhat limited) adhesion to the controversial Istanbul Convention

The Council has adopted two decisions according which the EU shall join the Council of Europe Convention (Istanbul Convention) on preventing and combating violence against women and domestic violence. However, while  the Commission and the European Parliament had advocated for an extensive EU accession to this Convention, which would have resulted in an interference of the EU into educational and cultural matters, which fall within exclusive competences of Member States, Member States have successfully resisted these attempts. The compromise agreed in the Council falls significantly short of these pretensions, limiting EU accession to the issues of asylum, non-refoulment and judicial cooperation in criminal matters. It makes reference to Article 78 (2), 82, and 83 TFEU and to exclusive competences of the EU.
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