The Economist reports a decline in Gendercide

3461549Liberal newspaper The Economist reported in a cover story in 2010 about what it dubbed ‘Gendercide’ or ‘The War on Baby Girls’ causing 130 million unborn or newborn girls to be murdered. Seven years later it seems that raising awareness of this crime against humanity has contributed to a decline in the barbaric practices. Even so, there are long-lasting devastating effects on many Asian societies. Continue reading “The Economist reports a decline in Gendercide”


Clinton covers up Chinese crimes against humanity

In the third and final televised debate for the US Presidency (full transcript here), the subject of abortion was on the table. Republican candidate Donald Trump claimed to be pro-life, while Democrat candidate Hillary Clinton stuck by her long-standing support for one of the most evil organisations on the planet, industrial-scale abortion provider Planned Parenthood. Clinton went further by seeking to cover up the forced abortion regime of communist China. Continue reading “Clinton covers up Chinese crimes against humanity”

Feminist ideology hates all things female and kills women

Today is the “International Women’s Day”, a secular celebration originally invented by Communists that was first declared a public holiday in the Soviet Union , and nowadays has found its way, one does not quite understand how, into the UN’s and EU’s annual rituals. Cultural Communism manifesting itself.

As we have already  explained on one of the permanent pages on this website, Feminism is Marxism in new clothing: a class struggle of allegedly oppressed females against their alleged male oppressors. In this world view, masculinity and femininity are not mutually supportive; they do not complement each other to form something greater that transcends both of them. Instead, they are put against each other – thus pushing the world into a permanent and unlimited civil war of female against male. Continue reading “Feminist ideology hates all things female and kills women”

China abolishes “One-Child-Policy” … but continues intrusive birth control

geschwister-erlaubtIt is one of the biggest, most systematic, and most pernicious human rights abuses in recorded history: the One-Child-Policy through which from 1979 onwards the Chinese Government has sought to reduce the country’s population growth. According to that policy, which was enforced not only through financial incentives, but often through means such as forced abortions and state-imposed use of contraceptive devices, each couple was allowed to have no more than one child. Children conceived in excess of that quota were often forcibly aborted (i.e. against the will of their mothers) or, if they were born, systematically discriminated against by the State. Parents who had more children than the State allowed faced hefty financial sanctions, often including the loss of their jobs and livelihoods. Continue reading “China abolishes “One-Child-Policy” … but continues intrusive birth control”

Vietnam: woman has 18 abortions until at last she is pregnant with a boy has this truly unbelievable story about a woman who has aborted 18 girls until at last she was pregnant with a boy. Although gendercide is most prevalent in rural zones of Asia, where there is a strong social pressure on women to give birth to male heirs, it is a problem everywhere in the world, including in Europe. Most abnormously, in Sweden the  courts have explicitly ruled that women have the “right” to use abortion as a means of selecting the sex of their children. Continue reading “Vietnam: woman has 18 abortions until at last she is pregnant with a boy”

Gendercide allowed to continue in the UK

_81194459_de36-1MPs have defeated a cross-party bid to clarify in law that abortion on the grounds of gender alone is illegal in the UK, the BBC reports.

The government claimed it was already clear that sex selective abortion was “already illegal”. But Conservative MP Fiona Bruce, the author of the proposed amendment, said the law was being “interpreted in different ways”. However, her proposal was defeated by 292 to 201. A review of the extent of sex selective abortion was agreed to.

Some anti-life politicians expressed concern that the proposed amendment, if adopted, could be interpreted to “confer personhood on the foetus”. (With this, they unintendely admitted that the foetus, from which they withhold the enjoyment of human rights, is in fact a human being. “Personhood” in this context is a code-word for saying that there are human beings who should not be allowed to have human rights. Implicitly, human rights are “conferred” to some, not recognized for all.)