Beijing Declaration and ICPD do not include new rights, US Administration confirms

25-american-flag-les-cunliffeThe UN Human Rights Council has adopted a resolution  on the elimination of discrimination against women and girls. While there is general consensus that women and girls should not be discriminated against, the problem with such resolutions is that abortion advocates, or governments influenced by them, habitually try to use them as an occasion to promote the notion that legalizing the slaughter of unborn children is a requirement deriving from that consensus. In that context, it is long-awaited good news that the US, which under the Obama Administration was the most aggressive abortion promoter world-wide, has changed its position.  Continue reading “Beijing Declaration and ICPD do not include new rights, US Administration confirms”


Scottish First Minister offers to murder Northern Ireland babies – for free!

Not content with killing unborn Scottish children, First Minister of the devolved administration in Scotland, Nicola Sturgeon, has incredibly offered to abort unborn children of Northern Ireland women, a jurisdiction where abortion is illegal. And she wants her taxpayers to pay for the killings. Continue reading “Scottish First Minister offers to murder Northern Ireland babies – for free!”

Pope & Patriarch, a postscript

ArticleImages_41483_sheva2Some days ago, we posted a comment on the first-time ever meeting between the Pope and the Russian Orthodox Patriarch.

Our view on the joint document that was signed during the meeting was, and still is, very positive regarding what is said on marriage and the family. Upon a more careful second reading, however, we feel we must express a more critical view with what the document says about the situation in Ukraine. Continue reading “Pope & Patriarch, a postscript”

UN have a big plan to re-write international law

As Stefano Gennarini writes in this week’s Friday Fax, the UN bureaucracy is working on a new scheme that, if accepted, would allow them to completely re-define our understanding of International Law.

The scheme takes the form of a new set of “guidelines” that would help identify  identify what is customary international law. A draft for these guidelines has been presented to the General Assembly by the International Law Commission. Continue reading “UN have a big plan to re-write international law”