Notorious sodomite is HIV-positive. Who wanted to know?

CaptureThomas Neuwirth, the Austrian singer starlet (and Eurovision winner)  known under his pseudonym  “Conchita Wurst”, has informed the public that “since many years” he is HIV-positive. With this coming out, he is reacting to a blackmail by one of his sodomite “ex-friends”, choosing to make the fact known before the blackmailer did. Once again we are catching a rather nasty glimpse of what “friendship” must be like in the LGBT community.

While any attempt at blackmailing must be firmly rejected, it nevertheless should be noted that in Neuwirth’s case there is a legitimate interest of the wider public to be informed. Being a carrier of HIV-infection may be an entirely private matter for everyone else, but it is not in the case of Conchita, given that he/she is publicly promoting and advertising the very lifestyle that carries an extremely high risk of HIV-infection.

Not that in itself Mr. Neuwirth’s HIV-infection had any claim to newsworthiness. In fact, who would ever have expected otherwise? But it is intellectually dishonest and grossly irresponsible to promote the LGBT-lifestyle and keep silent about the risks and consequences. Therefore it is good that the illusion that sodomy is risk-free and “normal” has once again – just as in so many other cases – been debunked.

Neuwirth hastes to reassure the public that thanks to the treatment he is receiving, he has a very low prevalence of HIV in his blood, “nearly below the threshold of detectability”. Apparently he is still on the lookout for persons to have sex with. If anyone catches the infection, the public health system is expected to take care.




European citizens increasingly critical of Feminist agenda, MEP admits

8f058d7c-cf25-4789-b95b-dbeec98649e7.jpgAccording to a report in the Austrian newspaper “Der Standard”, the radical Feminist agenda promoted by the European Parliament’s ultra-radical FEMM committee is meeting increasing resistance from EU citizens – remarkably strong resistance indeed, given that average Europeans usually do not care too much about what is going on inside the EP.

Austrian MEP Angelica Mlinar, Member of the “liberal” (in fact rabidly intolerant)ALDE group, is reported as saying that the FEMM Committee gets between 5000 and 6000 unsolicited letters every month from European citizens, asking it to stop pushing its radical “Anti-Discrimination”-, Feminist, and “LGBT” agendas.

(That must be when there are no petitions by CitizenGo are going on…)

The Radicals however do not intend to refrain from acting against the electorate’s will.

The LGBT lobby’s nasty campaign against a newly appointed ECtHR judge

1516902635_537254_1516906528_noticia_fotogramaIt takes little to draw the ire of the LGBT-lobby. The European-Commission-financed pro-sodomy pressure group ILGA Europe has announced on its website that it is “deeply concerned” by “reported homo- and transphobic publications and statements” of the newly elected Spanish ECtHR judge, María Elósegui Itxaso. And one of the lobby’s most active minions in the European Parliament, Juan Fernando Lopez Aguilar, a Spanish Member of the European Parliament’s S&D Group, is making himself busy with collecting signatures of his fellow MEPs to protest against Mrs. Elósegui’s appointment. Continue reading “The LGBT lobby’s nasty campaign against a newly appointed ECtHR judge”