Set-back for sodomites?

4df2f42e796f15a5ff09138b710f53b8While sexual deviants from all corners of Europe are today meeting in Brussels to exhibit themselves and their various sexual “orientations” in a so-called “Pride event” (what is there to be proud about? By the same logic, will we soon see the first “cancer pride”, “obesity prid”, “burn-out pride” or “alzheimer pride” marches appearing on our streets???),, a bizarre media outlet with a strong focus on all things LGBT, has published a commentary in which – quoting extensively from propaganda material distributed by the fake “non-governmental” group ILGA Europe – it is bemoaning that “most EU States” are “drifting backwards on LGBT rights”.

Is this really so? One would like to get more details. But certainly, when society has been heading in the wrong direction for many years, turning back is the right thing to do. There is nothing wrong in that.

Lesbian Lunacek to leave EP

Lunacek, head of the Electoral Observation Mission of the European Union, arrives to a news conference in TegucigalpaUlrike Lunacek (Greens), openly lesbian EP Vice-President notorious for her abortion-and-sodomy militantism, is going to leave the European Parliament. She will return to her native Austria to be the Green Party’s “lead candidate” (Spitzenkandidat) in the upcoming national elections. Continue reading

Homosexuals in California not allowed to have access to therapies

Bad news for sodomites in California who want to free themselves from their (often undesired) inclination: the US Supreme Court apparently wants them to remain enslaved to their vice, declining to hear a challenge against a Californian law that prohibits therapies aiming at liberating people from their homosexuality from being offered to persons under the age of 18 years. The reasons for this decision have not been made public. Continue reading

“Universal Periodic Review”: How radical groups seek to enforce new “rights” that nobody has ever recognized

ILGA Europe, the sodomy-and-gender-perversion lobby lavishly funded by the European Commission and George Soros, has released a report that explains how the Universal Periodic Review (UPR) mechanism is used at the UN to promote new “LGBT rights” that actually have never been internationally recognized and therefore have no basis in international law.  Continue reading