ECI “Mum Dad & Kids” ends today

The collection of signatures for the European Citizen’s Initiative “Mum Dad & Kids” will end today at midnight, one year after its inception. While the latest report, which dates back to the beginning of February, indicated that by then “more than 600.000” had been collected, it is entirely possible, if not likely, that, thanks to a strong mobilisation in the last weeks, the threshold of overall 1. million signatures will have been surpassed, once all on-line and paper signatures are counted together. Continue reading

In contempt of democracy, new law on sodo-“partnerships” is forced upon Slovenia

gaystapoSame-sex civil partnerships (and not, as Politico and other media falsely report, “marriages”) between sodomites have become legal in Slovenia, with a law coming into effect today that gives the mock “marriages” of sodomites largely the same status as to the future-ensuring genuine marriages, which are those between one man and one woman.

This law was adopted by the Slovenian Parliament in a truly provocative show of arrogance against the will of citizens, who in a referendum held in December 2015 had, with a clear majority of 63% v. 37% rejected this indecent “reform” project. The 2015 referendum was already the second popular vote on the subject, with a referendum held in 2012 leading to the same outcome. Continue reading

CoE Human Rights Commissioner misuses his mandate, pushes for controversial sodo-“marriages”

phpthumb_generated_thumbnailNils Muižnieks, the current “Human Rights Commissioner” of the Council of Europe, misuses the prestige, the resources, and easy access to the media that are associated with his function to promote the legal recognition of same-sex “marriages” between sodomites, an issue for which very obviously he holds no mandate. He is doing so on the basis of spurious claim that sodomite-“marriage” is a “human right” awaiting to be discovered.

Here is his grotesque “Human Rights Comment”, published on the Council of Europe’s website. Continue reading

ECtHR: divorce is not a “human right”. For once, a judgment that strengthens marriage and the family…

It is rare for the ECtHR, otherwise reputed for its judicial activism, to resist the temptation of de-constructing fundamental institutions such as marriage and family. But today it has happened: in the case of Babiarz v. Poland (application no. 1955/10), the Court has ruled that Articles 8 and 12 of the European Convention on Human Rights must not be construed as containing a right for the applicant to be divorced from his wife and married to another woman (with whom he already has a child) if his wife does not consent to, and if her behaviour does not justify, a divorce. In simpler words: there is no “right to divorce”. Continue reading

European Commission wants to shut down successful ECI “Mum Dad & Kids”

MDK CaptureThe European Citizens’ Initiative “Mum Dad & Kids”, which campaigns against the arbitrary re-definition of “marriages” and “families”, has, eight months after its commencement, already fulfilled one of the two criteria to make it successful, surpassing a national threshold in at least seven Member States of the EU. In total, the number of signatures so far collected is estimated at between 400.000 and 500.000, but could also be higher, given that many signatures collected on paper reach the organizers only with some delay. The initiative now looks set to easily meet its official goal of crossing the threshold of one million signatures by 3 April 2017, one year after its commencement.

Yet there seems a conflict to be going on behind the scenes between the organizers and the European Commission, Continue reading