“Brain-dead” is not dead.

transplantA baby was born in Portugal to a woman who had been brain-dead for almost four months. The boy was delivered in a Lisbon hospital by Caesarean section after 32 weeks, and weighed 2.35kg.

His mother was declared brain-dead on 20 February after a brain haemorrhage. The allegedly “dead” woman thus lived on for 100 days. A dead woman cannot give birth. Continue reading ““Brain-dead” is not dead.”


Transplantable organs from man-pig chimera?

pig-with-human-face-dieThe Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung today has a very interesting article on a conference of stem-cell researchers in Bonn, where a professor from Japan, Hiromitsu Nakauchi, has presented plans concerning the cultivation of human organs for transplantation … in genetically manipulated pigs. At this stage it is not yet cler whether this project, if it really can be realized, poses new ethical problems, or whether it is a contribution to avoiding or solving them.