“Sexual Education” and Homo-Propaganda: not clever, but outright irresponsible and dangerous.

In Germany there is a group called “SchLAu” (Schwul Lesbisch Bi Trans* Aufklärung), consisting of sodomites and lesbians who visit school classes to teach them about their sexual practices and moral attitudes. As one might have expected, this particular form of “Sexual Education” is subsidized and recommended by the Socialist/Green regional government of North-Rhine-Westphalia, under the pretext that “children should learn tolerance, including with regard to sexual orientation”.

The name is a play with words: in German, “schlau” means “clever”.

But is it really clever to let these people educate our children? One of the spokespersons of SchLAu has now published the following statement on Facebook:

Ich habe HIV und würde es wieder tun! Ich habe regelmäßig Sex ohne Kondom. Schutz durch Therapie macht es möglich. Menschen mit HIV sind nicht kriminell! Continue reading

How same-sex “marriage” will destroy marriage, the family, and parenthood

The Yes campaign in the upcoming Irish referendum on gay “marriage” wants to make people believe that the intended re-definition of marriage will widen marriage, but not change it. But John Waters, a journalist and pro-family campaigner, explains in minute detail how the re-definition of marriage will change not only this institution, but also undermine the natural parent-child relationship. Ultimately, children will be transformed into a tradeable commodity.

An impressive and compelling analysis. Don’t say you haven’t been warned. Continue reading

Scotland: state-control over children to squeeze out parental rights?

Is this the future of family policy? Turtle Bay and Beyond reports that in Scotland a state-employed guardian will be assigned to every child from birth until age 18, who can intervene without parental consent and share information with a wide range of public authorities. Though the plan comes into effect in 2016, it is already being rolled out — and early indications are “named persons” will replace and trump parents’ legal rights.

Among its first appearances is – how could it be otherwise? – sex education guidelines.

The underlying ideology appears to be that parents can’t be trusted to know what is, and what isn’t, good for their child. But the state can, of course.

More information is found on the website of the Christian Institute.

Slovak referendum on marriage to be held on 7 February – and British news magazine opines that “voter apathy” is a sign of mature democracy…

A very poor piece of “journalism” has been published by the British news magazine “The Economist” in order to denigrate a campaign by Slovak NGOs to protect children against being adopted and “educated” by sodomites, or to receive controversial sexual education at schools.

Following a highly successful petition that mobilized more than 400.000 citizens, a binding referendum will be held on 7 February on the following three questions: Do you agree that only a bond between one man and one woman can be called marriage? Do you agree that same-sex couples or groups should not be allowed to adopt and raise children? Do you agree that schools cannot require children to participate in education pertaining to sexual behaviour or euthanasia if their parents don’t agree?

The first of these questions has already become redundant through the fact that the Constitution was changed last year to define marriage as a union between a man and a woman, thus excluding the hypothesis of same-sex “marriages”. But as the group behind the petition, Aliancia za Rodinu (AZR), says, the true purpose of the referendum is to protect children: “the rights of children are more important than the rights of adults”.

As the “Economist” writes, there is little doubt that a strong majority of those participating will say “Yes” to the three questions. But the decisive question is whether participation will be sufficiently high: the referendum will be binding only if there is a turnout of at least 50% of the registered electorate. Continue reading