Anti-“Far Right” protest outside European Parliament turns violent

anti-fascist-protest-17-december-2016Belgian public broadcaster RTBF reported that a so-called Anti-“Far-Right” protest which took place near the European Parliament in Brussels on Saturday 17 December turned violent; up to 56 protestors were arrested for disturbing the peace and violent behaviour. Continue reading “Anti-“Far Right” protest outside European Parliament turns violent”


Islamic leader wants legal recognition of polygamy

burkalili4Now that same-sex “marriage” has been legalized in a number of Western countries in the name of “equality” and “diversity”, it appears only logical that politicians will soon cede to claims from the Muslim community that polygamy must be legalized as well. Continue reading “Islamic leader wants legal recognition of polygamy”

Should Europe be “Western” or “pluralistic”?

In the Netherlands there currently is much debate around Nacer Barazite, a professional football player from Morocco, who, having conceded an interview to a female sports reporter, refused to shake hands with her because she is a woman.

We would like to stress that it has not been reported that Barazite was unfriendly or impolite during the interview. He simply refused to shake hands. Allegedly, Mr. Barazite’s football club, Utrecht FC, had briefed all reporters at the beginning of this season that two of its players, among them Mr. Barazite, are “devout Muslims” who “for religious reasons” refuse to shake hands with women. The interviewer must have forgotten this. Continue reading “Should Europe be “Western” or “pluralistic”?”