US: employers no longer obliged to pay for their employees’ “birth control”

President Trump signs the Executive Order on Promoting FreeUnder President Trump, sanity and justice seem to slowly return into US politics.

Following up on a pledge by President Trump made during his election campaign, federal officials have drafted a provision contained in former President Obama’s “Affordable Care Act” (aka “Obamacare”) that required employers to provide so-called “birth control” coverage in health insurance plans. The provision, which cynically defined contraception (including some methods that objectively must be qualified as chemical abortion) as part of “health care” and thus obliged employers to pay for (some of) their employee’s questionable lifestyle choices, was one of the most controversial in Obama administration policies adopted under the Affordable Care Act, and it generated scores of lawsuits by employers that had conscientious objections to it. Continue reading “US: employers no longer obliged to pay for their employees’ “birth control””


If you need a prostitute, your health insurance should cover the cost…

prostitute-large_transqvzuuqpflyliwib6ntmjwfsvwez_ven7c6bhu2jjnt8No, this does not appear to be a joke, but it is a demand that is being made by politicians of the German Green Party (who apparently have already recovered from negative media coverage around their attempts, not so very long ago, to legalize sex with children….). They have discovered that regular sex is a “basic need” that must be provided for as part of basic healthcare, including for elderly and lonely people or for people with mental disabilities. Continue reading “If you need a prostitute, your health insurance should cover the cost…”

European Parliament seeks to declare abortion a ‘right’ what has become a ritual, the European Parliament will today debate its non-binding annual Report on the situation of fundamental rights in the European Union in 2015. Once again, this so-called ‘Own Initiative Report’, which has no legal status, claims that EU citizens have a ‘right’ to abortion, something not found in any international legally-binding human rights document. The EP is due to vote on the offending report on Tuesday 13 December Continue reading “European Parliament seeks to declare abortion a ‘right’”

UN: A General Comment on the CESCR

united-nations-flagThe office of the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights has informed the world that a group of “UN experts”, this time from the Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights (CESCR), have issued an “authoritative new legal commentary” on the Right to Health. In this document, which takes the form of a so-called “General Comment on the Right to sexual and reproductive health“, the so-called “experts” make the habitual spurious claim that access to abortion is part of a “right to sexual and reproductive health”, and therefore a human right. Continue reading “UN: A General Comment on the CESCR”

Pro-lifers and feminists win, reproductive industry and homo-lobby lose: European Parliament condemns surrogacy

The European Parliament today adopted its Annual Report on Human Rights and Democracy in the World 2014 and the European Union’s policy on the matter tabled by MEP Cristian Dan Preda (EPP, Romania). Paragraph 114 of this report breaks new ground, condemning “the practice of surrogacy, which undermines the human dignity of the woman since her body and its reproductive functions are used as a commodity”.

The European Parliament also considers that the practice of gestational surrogacy which involves reproductive exploitation and use of the human body for financial or other gain, in particular in the case of vulnerable women in developing countries, shall be prohibited and treated as a matter of urgency in human rights instruments. Continue reading “Pro-lifers and feminists win, reproductive industry and homo-lobby lose: European Parliament condemns surrogacy”

Homo-Agenda fails once again at UN General Assembly

united-nations-flagWhile the un-elected UN bureaucracy, with the support of US and European NGOs and diplomats, spares no effort to impose sexual revolution on the world, it once again has been shown that the General Assembly, the true legislator of the UN, is far less supportive of this agenda. As Stefano Gennarini of C-Fam reports, the homo-lobby has suffered yet another setback this week, when a paragraph about “sex education” (which has little to do with education or information, but is UN bureaucracy code for the attempt to forcefully remove the innate shame barriers and  sense for decency from children’s consciences) in a resolution on the rights of children stalled debate was defeated in a marathon 4-hour voting process, involving multiple amendments and discussions about procedural issues. Similarly, controversial language on “reproductive rights” was removed from  a resolution on youth policies this week despite insistence from powerful donor countries.

SRHR: the debate is getting heated…

imageWe, the Authors of this Blog, are among those who believe that the expression “Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights” (and its derivates) can and should be interpreted in a way that does not include a pretended right to abortion, right to sodomy, right to  medical contraception, etc. We have made our position on this clear on one of the permanent pages of this website.

At the same time, we are of course aware that our interpretation of the term, although well founded on the interpretive principles generally recognized in international law, is not the one preferred by the UN bureaucracy, the current US administration, the Governments of most EU States, the international abortion industry and its lobbyists, or George Soros and Bill Gates, to name just a few. Nonetheless, we maintain our interpretation, and are therefore neither afraid nor ashamed of using the expression. Continue reading “SRHR: the debate is getting heated…”