US Supreme Court refuses to hear “strategic” lawsuit on transgender toilet rights

With the legal recognition of same-sex “marriage” having been imposed across the United States by a narrow 5-4 majority of frivolously activist Supreme Court Justices, the LGBT-lobby is now trying its luck to achieve the same with regard to so-called “transgender” rights, the next step in their sinister agenda to dissolve peoples’ true reality in a sauce of newly-discovered “sexual identities”. Quite remarkably, the larmoyant reports (in radically-minded outlets such as the New York Times or the WaPo) about alleged “discriminations ” of self-defined “transgender” persons have multiplied by factor 100 in the year since the Obergefell Decision, which clearly indicates that a media campaign is being waged to prepare the next round of cultural revolutions.

However, the sexual-disorder-lobby’s hopes for a quick victory were quashed last week, when the Supreme Court decided to throw out a major “transgender” lawsuit, sending the case back to a lower federal court. Continue reading

Spain: bus campaign successful, LGBT-lobby falls into the trap of its own intolerance

klinkA few days ago we reported about a bus campaign in Spain that has been launched to recall the basic facts of life to a population that is getting increasingly confused by the regional government’s promotion of gender-theory. Incredibly, the chief of the Madrid Financial Guard, Jesús Caballero Klink, has now ordered the bus to be confiscated, and opened a criminal investigation for alleged “hate speech” against transsexuals.

The man is apparently not aware of how he is turning himself, together with the intolerant and noisy LGBT pressure-group that is pushing for the investigation, into a laughing stock for the world – which very possibly was one of the hidden objectives of the bus campaign. Continue reading

Trump scraps Obama’s Toilet-Decree

_89683001_89683000Sanity returns to the sanitary. US President Donald Trump has accomplished another important objective of his presidency, scrapping his pre-decessor’s controversial “Toilet-Decree”, which allowed men to use women’s bathrooms, and vice versa, solely on the basis of a person’s self-ascribed “gender identity”. Critics had described this decree as “post-factual” legislation par excellence, and warned that, creating optimal conditions for voyeurism and sexual assaults, it threatened the privacy and safety of people with normal sexual behaviour..

Liberals in the US are railing.

Conchita Wurst looking for his/her true “identity”

Conchita Wurst, the bearded transgender winner of the Eurovision Song Contest, performs during a concert at the European Parliament in Brussels October 8, 2014. The concert organised by members of Parliament aimed to support the adoption in February of the report against homophobia and sexual discriminations.     REUTERS/Yves Herman (BELGIUM  - Tags: POLITICS ENTERTAINMENT)Tom Neuwirth, the (gay, but male) Austrian performance artist posturing as Eurovision award-winning (female?) singer “Conchita Wurst” has told a newspaper that he is looking for a new identity. “I don’t know how and when, but I have the feeling I want to create a new person”, he said. “Perhaps that will still not be myself. But I don’t need Conchita anymore. I must kill her.” Continue reading

“Derogatory rumours”?

991577-prodlibe-emmanuel-macron-a-lyonLibération reports that “derogatory rumours” are spreading about presidential hopeful Emmanuel Macron’s sexual inclinations.

We are not particularly interested in these rumours, but find it noteworthy that even “Libération”, a media outlet hardly reputed for its upholding of traditional moral values, apparently considers that being gay (or rather: behaving in that way) would somehow make Macron a less suitable candidate… Continue reading

UN Sodomy Czar oversteps his mandate right from the beginning

onu-lgbt-720x400The controversial “UN Independent Expert on protection against violence and discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity”, Vitit Muntarbhorn, seems quite in a hurry to re-define, expand, and overstretch, his mandate. Just a few weeks after having been confirmed in his post only by a minority of UN members in the General Assembly (with a majority voting either against his mandate or abstaining), he is convening a consultation “on defining the scope of his work, setting priorities and developing effective strategies”. Continue reading

UN General Assembly: vote to defer appointment of Sodomy “Rights” Enforcer fails narrowly

ilga_world_conference_bangkok_vitit_muntarbhorn_keynote_speechThe bid to defer the appointment of a “Special Rapporteur” on “LGBT Rights” has failed narrowly by 77 to 84 votes (with 16 abstentions) in the UN General Assembly. The appointee, Prof. Vitit Muntarbhorn, whose ideological bias and poor academic standards are amply evidenced through the fact that he is the co-author of a pretentious scam called “The Yogyakarta Principles”, has already begun his task, meeting up with the radical Homo-Lobby ILGA to receive and discuss their shopping list of new “rights”. Continue reading