ONE OF US files appeal against EU Court Decision

one_of_us_logo_02ONE OF US, the pro-life “European citizens’ initiative” (ECI), has announced that it has filed an appeal against the decision by the EU General Court not to invalidate the European Commission’s refusal to take action in response to the request of 1.8 million citizens to stop using EU money to fund abortion. Continue reading “ONE OF US files appeal against EU Court Decision”


European Court: Commission’s reply to ONE OF US was based on (not manifest) errors

4k9vip.jpgAfter nearly four years of litigation, the Tribunal of the European Union has issued its long awaited judgment in the case of One of Us v. the European Commission.

From a formal point of view, the pro-life European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI), which, having collected 1,9 million signatures for the Commission to stop funding activities involving the destruction of human embryos, remains the most successful of all ECIs until today, has lost the case. But from a substantial point of view, the pro-lifers have won a half-victory, and they might now examine the possibility of having the decision reviewed by the EU’s highest judicial Instance, the Court of Justice of  the EU. Continue reading “European Court: Commission’s reply to ONE OF US was based on (not manifest) errors”