Italy: Natural order restored – no more “Parent 1” & “Parent 2”

1533735389-lapresse-20180725123011-26953782-1.jpgThe Italian Minister of the Interior, Matteo Salvini, has announced that his country will return to using the words “Father” and “Mother”, instead of “Parent 1” and “Parent 2”, in all official documents, thus recognizing the natural given that a child can only have two parents of different sex.

A small, but important, step towards re-aligning law to reality.



CJEU: judges who respect human rights are not welcome

pabelbreitekleiner1200pix.jpgStrange goings-on at the CJEU: Katharina Pabel, a highly respected professor for European Law who had been proposed by the Austrian government as a new judge at the EU’s supreme judiciary institution has, after a hearing with the Committee under Article 255 TFEU, withdrawn her candidacy. Continue reading “CJEU: judges who respect human rights are not welcome”

US: Justice Anthony Kennedy retires. At last.

geht-in-den-ruhestand-oberster.jpgThis is great news. Justice Anthony Kennedy has announced his retirement, opening an opportunity for President Trump to nominate another Supreme Court Justice after Neil Gorsuch. There is reason to hope that, as in the case of Gorsuch, the appointee will be a credible interpret of the law, not a judicial activist. But while Gorsuch replaced another good lawyer, this is now the opportunity to replace a bad lawyer through a good one. Continue reading “US: Justice Anthony Kennedy retires. At last.”

Anti-Trump zealots undermine “equal treatment” laws

636656231615544378-the-red-hen-two.jpgWhite House Press Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders  was asked to leave by the owner of the Red Hen restaurant in Lexington by the owner Stephanie Wilkinson, who, as well as citing comments that Sanders had made previously about Trump’s ban on transgender individuals serving in the military, went on to later explain that various “LGBT+” staff at the restaurant were apprehensive about serving the White House official. Liberal media worldwide are jeering, and praising this “courageous act of opposition”… Continue reading “Anti-Trump zealots undermine “equal treatment” laws”

US Supreme Court: pregnancy centers not obliged to promote abortion

ultrasound-baby.jpgIn an important pro-life decision, National Institute of Family and Live Advocates v. Becerra, the US Supreme Court has invalidated a perverse law passed by the State of California, which would have obliged pro-life crisis pregnancy centers to supply women with information about how and where to provide abortions. This law was a vicious attack on the freedom of expression, obliging citizens to make statements that are in total opposition of what they actually want to say and do. Continue reading “US Supreme Court: pregnancy centers not obliged to promote abortion”

Ireland: did the pro-abortion side win the referendum thanks to massive fraud?

8d509f_i1It is well-known and undisputed that the shocking outcome of the referendum held in Ireland to strip unborn children of their human rights was the result of a huge imbalance between the pro-abortion and the pro-life in terms of political and financial support, with all of the four political parties currently represented in the Dail and all of the countries mass media supporting the pro-abortion campaign, which also received lavish (but illegal) funding from foreign political entrepreneurs such as George Soros. The decision of Google not to allow any campaigning on its website was also a perfectly example of indirect discrimination, because it disproportionately (and intentionally) affected the pro-life campaign. But all this does not suffice to explain the massive shift towards the repeal of the pro-life “8th Constitutional Amendment”, so keenly desired by the country’s political and media elite, within the last 24 hours of campaigning.  Continue reading “Ireland: did the pro-abortion side win the referendum thanks to massive fraud?”