The “Schulz-Effect”: Socialists lose first election under his leadership

Following the sudden ascendance of Martin Schulz as their new leader, Social Democrats in Germany have gone through a  delirium of optimism, hoping that the former EP President’s “popularity” and “leadership” would boost their chances to win the national elections in September. The media wrote about “Saint Martin”, “Martin the Saviour”, and of a “Schulz-Effect” – and opinion polls suggested that the Social Democrats were now ahead of Angela Merkel’s CDU. Only last week Schulz was elected the new president of the Socialist Party with 100% of delegates’ votes.

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Germany: Federal Administrative Court declares euthanasia legal in “extreme and exceptional cases”

Bad MedicineThe creeping progress of the Culture of Death has made an important leap forward in Germany, where the Bundesverwaltungsgericht (BVerwG, Federal Administrative Court) issued a decision that declares euthanasia to be legal in “extreme and exceptional cases”, without defining them. This opens the door to a new slippery slope, at the bottom of which one surely will discover that every case is somehow “extreme” and “exceptional”.
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Juncker’s “White Paper”: an occasion to neutralize the EU bureaucracy with regard to social issues

whitepaper-layout-en-20-p1-normalIn order to get the EU back on track following the Brexit vote and against the backdrop of a growing frustration among citizens, Jean-Claude Juncker has presented a new “White Paper” to initiate a new debate on the Union’s future. In it, the Commission President sketches out five possible scenarios. Very remarkably, for the first time such a paper offers for consideration the possibility of a “leaner” version  of the EU in which certain competences would be returned to Member States, and the EU institutions by consequence would stop interfering in areas where they are not able to provide real added value. Continue reading

Trump after one month: he is here to stay.

undefinedWhile in more civilized circumstances a new government is granted a grace period of 100 days in which it may start working without having to expect too much criticism from the opposition and the media, such was not the case with the Trump Administration, which has had to live under a state of siege as from day one. Apparently the Democrats and their allies in the mass media and in Hollywood still find it hard to come to grips with their surprise defeat on 9 November; they somehow seem to believe that, if only they attack him aggressively enough, they may be able to get rid of Trump within just a few weeks. And the European mass media are playing to the tune: if a third-rate reality show celebrity cracks a half witty joke on Trump somewhere on his or her Facebook account, all newspapers will gleefully report it, and if there is so much as a spelling mistake on a dinner card in the White House, we will certainly be informed of it. C’est la guerre à l’outrance. Continue reading

Perfect candidate

31katyalsub-master768Some say that for Donald Trump this was going to be “one of the most important decisions of his term as President”. If that is so, then he has accomplished an important part of his mission already after one week in office. While furor is raging in the media over his decrees on immigration, his pick for the Supreme Court leaves no wishes open: Neil Gorsuch, a man with excellent credentials both as a judge and as an academic, who is generally considered to be a worthy successor to Antonin Scalia both on account of his intellectual capacities and moral integrity. Continue reading

Dutch minister wants to compensate abortion-industry for loss of US funding

ploumen-wil-abortus-maatregel-trump-teniet-doenThis promise, if made real, could become very expensive for taxpayers in the Netherlands. The country’s minister for foreign aid, Lilianne Ploumen, has announced that her country wants to compensate abortionists world-wide for the pecuniary losses they are expected to suffer as a consequence of US President Donald Trump’s decision to unfund them. The total savings for US budget achieved through this measure are estimated to amount ca. 600 million US$ per year.  Continue reading