Different “families”, same love??? – a critical look at “gay rights” propaganda

From 10 to 20 May 2011 the European Commission’s Headquarters at the Berlaymont building in Brussels hosted a photo exhibition organised by ILGA Europe, the “International Lesbian and Gay Association”.

According to information that was made available to all visitors, the European Commission has provided “generous financial support” to this exhibition, which took place under the high patronage of Vice President Viviane Reding. Besides that, the Commission provides such generous support to ILGA Europe also at other occasions: it finances, through various grants and subsidies, ca. 70% of the organization’s budget.

Through hosting and co-financing campaigns such as this, the European Commission gives the impression of putting its financial resources and political power to the service of ILGA Europe and its political project to redefine the concepts of “marriage” and “family”.

This raises serious questions with regard to the legitimacy of the Commission’s actions, given that “family” and “marriage” are clearly outside the European Union’s (and, hence, the Commission’s) competence. Moreover, ILGA’s political agenda is not shared by many Member States, and viewed critically by many citizens.

The twelve posters of the exhibition provide, however, a good summary of the questionable political agenda pursued by the “gay rights” lobby, and the arguments it uses.

By clicking on the images, you can enlarge and read a short commentary on each of them.

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