Alleged torturing of homosexuals in Chechnya is fake news, prominent US human rights expert says

d9ccedf1-d3a1-4b62-a4ad-a9a997f06f31_w1023_r1_sThere is absolutely no doubt among international human rights experts that the human rights situation is Chechnya, a Republic located on the northern side of the Caucasus that belongs to the Russian Federation, is generally very dire. Nevertheless, allegations concerning the torturing and murdering of homosexuals that have been widely spread by the Russian Newspaper “Novaya Gazeta” are very probably fake news, according to renowned Harvard Professor Bruce Leimsidor. Continue reading

NEW: Traditional Latin Mass at the European Parliament

latin-massThanks to the initiative of a Polish MEP, former Sejm Marshal Marek Jurek, there is now a Catholic Mass in the so-called “extraordinary rite” (i.e. the rite that was in common use prior to 1969, and which was defined as the universally valid rite of the Catholic Church by Pope Pius V following the Council of Trent) on the premises of the European Parliament in Brussels. A first such celebration took place on 4 May, and a second is scheduled this week on Thursday 18th May at 8 a.m. in the “meditation room” ASP 00H152 (located behind the desk of the Office of Tourism, on the ground floor). Continue reading

Austria: Socialists are in favour of sodo-“marriage” … but vote against it

As we reported earlier this week, the Socialist/Conservative coalition government in Austria has broken down, and new elections will take place in autumn. In this situation of divorce and settling of scores, the temptation is great to use the remaining months prior to the elections in order to out-vote the former coalition partner on a number of key issues. This is why the Greens and the Liberals (NEOS) in the Austrian Parliament today launched a motion to quickly get a law on so called “marriage equality” (so called, because it would put marriage on equal fooying with sexual perversion) adopted by themselves and the openly pro-sodomy Socialists.

The Socialists, however, did not go along. While affirming that they were in favour of sodo-“marriage”, they did not vote in favour of it, as Austrian media reported. Continue reading

Two days of “official” gay promotion at the European Parliament

IDAHOT-MEMES-02-840x1024At a time of backlash by citizens against liberal ideologies being imposed on them by unelected EU bureaucrats, the unelected bureaucrats of the European Parliament’s personnel department have decided to subject their colleagues to two days of gay promotional activities, under the guise of the pseudo “International Day against Homophobia, Biphobia and Transphobia (IDAHOT_2017)” Continue reading

A “Right to a Child”, no matter how…

224657As we learn from the website of the ECLJ, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) is going to hear another complaint that will offer it yet another welcome occasion to use misguided “anti-discrimination” arguments to push its sinister agenda of fabricating a “Right to a Child” for all and everyone, including those who by nature could never have one.

The case at hand is Charron and Merle-Montet v. France (Appl. N° 22612/15), in which two lesbian women, who are sodo-“married” under France’s controversial Loi Taubira, complain about the fact that legislation currently in force does not allow them to become “parents” through medically assisted procreation using the sperm of an anonymous “donor”. Continue reading

Prominent Jesuit: the Pope is wrong on Islam, but Viktor Orbán is right…

photoThe well-known Jesuit Henri Boulad, former Provincial of the Jesuits in Egypt and director of the Jesuit Cultural Center in Alexandria, has a life-long experience of what it means to live as a non-Muslim in a predominantly Islamic country. A few weeks ago, he has accepted Hungarian citizenship in order to support the restrictive migration policy of the Hungarian head of government, Viktor Orbán, and to exert a corresponding influence on the European immigration policy.  Continue reading