Liberty wins, LGBT-lobby loses in important Finnish Human Rights case.

Christianity is not yet outlawed in Finland, despite the unrelenting efforts of militant LGBT activists and their allies in the judiciary. In a decision issued on 31 March, the Helsinki District Court upheld the right to free speech by dismissing all charges against Päivi Räsänen, a prominent Finish politician, former leader of the Conservative Party and former Minister of Interior affairs.

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SCOTUS refusal to review Texas abortion ban should not lead to hasty conclusions

GeThe US Supreme Court’s decision not to consider an urgent application by pro-abortionists to prevent a new Texas statute called the “Heartbeat Act” from entering into force may have come as a surprise to some, but it is based on sound legal reasoning. At the same time, this does not mean that the statute could not be declared unconstitutional on another occasion. The Court has, in actual fact, made no decision as to the constitutionality of the new law. Continue reading “SCOTUS refusal to review Texas abortion ban should not lead to hasty conclusions”

The UN “Human Rights” plutocracy

image1170x530croppedTwo years ago, the Strasbourg-based European Center for Law and Justice has published a report in which it exposed how a very small group of immensely rich “non-governmental organisations”, mostly bankrolled and controlled by the US-hungarian billionaire and self-styled “philantropist” George Soros, is able to influence the European Court of Human Rights, its agenda-setting and decision making. As it turned out, 22% of all judges who worked at the ECtHR between 2009 and 2019 were, at some stage of their careers, directly involved in Soros´s “Open Society” NGO network. That very same network plays a very active (albeit sometimes hidden) role in bringing cases to the ECtHR and funding litigation – yet hardly any of the Soros-judges ever thought it necessary to recuse himself from hearing any of these Soros-cases.

This report by the ECLJ is in and by itself sufficient to explain the strange, staunchly ideological twist that has been observed in the ECtHR´s case law in recent times and has greatly contributed to undermine the Court’s (widely undeserved) prestige. It has provoked aggressive reactions by some of the persons targeted. The Court itself also reacted defiantly by promoting the most controversial of all current Soros-appointees, the Bulgarian judge Yonko Grozev, to the influential role of a section president. Soon after that, however, when a new judge had to be elected in respect of Belgium, the Soros-candidate Sylvie Saroléa, was not elected. It appears that slowly but steadily there is some awareness how unhealthy for the Human Rights system this incestuous relationship between the ECtHR and the left-liberal NGO microcosm has become…

In the meantime, ECLJ’s Director Grégor Puppinck has published a new bombshell report, this time addressing the situation at the UN. Considering the output of the UN Human Rights system, the findings of that new report are perhaps not all that surprising, but they are nevertheless devastating for the UN system:  a system of “silent corruption” existing ath the level of the UN and tainting its “Special Rapporteurs”. Continue reading “The UN “Human Rights” plutocracy”

Good idea: asking SCOTUS to clarify that abortion is not a “human right”

10500537_10153376239276777_3916468294066157260_nThe Center for Family and Human Rights (C-Fam) has announced that in a amicus curiae brief it intends to submit to the US Supreme Court in the context of the case of Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization (see our report), it will request the Court to affirm that there is no such a thing as an “internationally recognised right to abortion”, be it hidden in the term “Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights”, “Right to Sexual Health”, or elsewhere. Continue reading “Good idea: asking SCOTUS to clarify that abortion is not a “human right””

US Supreme Court: Will “Roe v. Wade” be finally overturned?

scotusWhile the European Parliament has covered itself with shame by adopting a (fortunately not legally binding) report seeking to turn pre-natal infanticide into a “human right” for pregnant women, the development in the USA might soon go into a very different direction. And contrary to the disgusting nonsense emanating from the European Parliament, a possibe reversal of the 1973 Supreme Court decision Roe v. Wade would have very tangible, and highly beneficial, consequences.

The Supreme Court of the United States will hear Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organizationthe case concerning Mississippi’s lewly adopted law that would impose a ban on most abortions after 15 weeks of gestation. Continue reading “US Supreme Court: Will “Roe v. Wade” be finally overturned?”

Hungary, LGBTP: Let the people speak!

Hungarian-flag-with-coat-of-armsAs was to be expected, Viktor Orbán’s decision to subject Hungary’s new Law on the protection of minors, which has drawn the ire of the international Sodomy-and Pedophilia-Lobby (LGBTP) and their helpers in media and politics, to a referendum is again provoking angry reactions.

Orbán knows that with such a referendum he will totally destroy the LGBTP-lobby’s most cherished narrative, namely that this law is a measure that is forced upon the unwilling people by an “illiberal, right-wing dictator”. Nothing could stray farther from the truth: Orbán has enacted that law precisely because he knows that people are worried by the aggressive LGBTP-agenda in Western EU Member States, which they don’t want for their own country.If the referendum is really going to be held, it is likely that well above 95% of participants will vote in favour of the law, which prohibits propaganda for sodomy and gender reassignment to be directed at minors. Indeed, there is every reason to believe that in most other countries, including in the West, the outcome would be exactly the same. Outside the EU´s political and media elite, parents may generally be expected not to want their children be subject to LGBTP propaganda. Continue reading “Hungary, LGBTP: Let the people speak!”

EU promoting corruption in Member States

Miscellaneous--Rainbow-money--29474It appears that under pressure of a CJEU judgment Hungary is now scrapping a law that would have ensured somewhat more transparency with regard to the shady dealings of so-called “non-governmental organizations”. In particular, the ire of EU institution was provoked by a provision that would oblige NGOs receiving funds from outside Hungary to disclose who is financing them. It is, however, an easy guess who the most potent financier of this fake “civil society” is: the billionaire and self-styled “philanthropist” George Soros with his meanwhile notorious conglomerate of foundations at the service of “open society”. Continue reading “EU promoting corruption in Member States”

Should Poland be proclaimed an “UvdL-free Zone”?

BELGIUM-EU-PARLIAMENTThe European Commission’s culture war against conservative-led Member States gets more bizarre every day.

The latest episode in this saga is the Commission’s announcement that it will launch an infringement procedure against Poland because some regional or local authorities in Poland have adopted resolutions in which they declare themselves to be “LGBT-propaganda-free zones”. Continue reading “Should Poland be proclaimed an “UvdL-free Zone”?”

The European Commission at war with everyone else

323603667Motus in fine velotior – as the end approaches, the movement accelerates. It appears the final days of the EU are coming closer, not least thanks to the ill-advised actions of the European Commission.

One might have been expected that in the wake of Brexit, having lost its second biggest Member State in economic terms (which also happened to be the biggest Member State in terms of military capabilities and, hence, international influence) the EU establishment would be careful to avoid any action that might ultimately lead to the loss of further Members. But what is happening is the opposite: the European institutions, egged on by some Western European governments, continue the culture war they have been waging for years against Poland and Hungary, allegedly to defend “the Rule of Law” and “our common European values”. Given that both countries can help each other, Hungary by blocking any sanctions against Hungary and Hungary by blocking any sanctions against Poland, the attempt to “normalize” these two Member States appears rather futile. Despite this, the Commission has now discovered a third “enemy within”: tiny Slovenia, where the new government is headed by a stalwart anti-Communist, Janez Jansa, who was the leading figure in the country’s fight for independence thirty years ago. Will the EU’s executive be able to win against three Member States, when it was not able to win against two?

If all that were not enough, the Commission, in announcing a new infringement procedure against Germany, is now taking on not just the EU’s biggest and wealthiest remaining Member State, but all Member States at the same time. One is tempted to wonder: are they behaving this way because they are like rats trying to fight their way out of a corner in which they have been trapped, or are they just over-confident? Or perhaps both at the same time – over-confident rats in a corner? In any case, this is folly: a fight that the Commission cannot win even if it wins. Continue reading “The European Commission at war with everyone else”