European citizens increasingly critical of Feminist agenda, MEP admits

8f058d7c-cf25-4789-b95b-dbeec98649e7.jpgAccording to a report in the Austrian newspaper “Der Standard”, the radical Feminist agenda promoted by the European Parliament’s ultra-radical FEMM committee is meeting increasing resistance from EU citizens – remarkably strong resistance indeed, given that average Europeans usually do not care too much about what is going on inside the EP.

Austrian MEP Angelica Mlinar, Member of the “liberal” (in fact rabidly intolerant)ALDE group, is reported as saying that the FEMM Committee gets between 5000 and 6000 unsolicited letters every month from European citizens, asking it to stop pushing its radical “Anti-Discrimination”-, Feminist, and “LGBT” agendas.

(That must be when there are no petitions by CitizenGo are going on…)

The Radicals however do not intend to refrain from acting against the electorate’s will.


ArteTV’s grotesque pro-abortion “documentary” undermines itself

croises300In George Orwell’s novel “1984”, the inhabitants of the dystopian totalitarian state of Oceania are obliged to participate, once every week, in the public viewing of an educational broadcast called “Two Minutes Hate”, which pushes all participants into a frenzy of hatred and anger against opposition leader Isaac Goldstein – a man of whom it is unclear whether he even exists, or whether he has been simply made up by the government’s propaganda department.

Last week, the Franco-German publicly financed “culture” TV channel ArteTV has offered its viewers a similar product: not just two minutes, but a full one-and-a-half-hours of hate against all those who dare standing up for the most fundamental of all human rights, the right to life.

You may watch the full broadcast here; it will remain available until 4 May. You can watch it in French or German; unfortunately not in English. Continue reading “ArteTV’s grotesque pro-abortion “documentary” undermines itself”

Irish Supreme Court strips unborn children of all constitutional rights – except the right to life

supreme.jpgThe Irish Supreme Court has just issued a ruling in a case involving a Nigerian father who fought a deportation order on the basis that he had fathered an as-yet-unborn Irish child that had the right to have its father live in the same country.
The ruling means that while the unborn have a constitutional right to life, inserted through the 8th amendment, ​they do not enjoy any other rights until they are born. In particular, in the case at hand the unborn child does not have the right to have a family life with its father once it will be born, which makes it possible for the immigration authority to enforce the man’s deportation to Nigeria.

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Bermuda is the world’s first country to abolish sodo-“marriage”

bermuda-5__00Yes, it is possible! The trend towards legalized sodo-“marriage” is not irreversible; social development is not a one-way road into decadence and moral corruption.

The tiny Caribbean  nation of Bermuda is the first country in the world were legalized sodo-“marriage”, which had been imposed on the unwilling nation by the arrogant and preposterous judicial fiat of  its Supreme Court in May 2017, is repealed.  Continue reading “Bermuda is the world’s first country to abolish sodo-“marriage””

The LGBT lobby’s nasty campaign against a newly appointed ECtHR judge

1516902635_537254_1516906528_noticia_fotogramaIt takes little to draw the ire of the LGBT-lobby. The European-Commission-financed pro-sodomy pressure group ILGA Europe has announced on its website that it is “deeply concerned” by “reported homo- and transphobic publications and statements” of the newly elected Spanish ECtHR judge, María Elósegui Itxaso. And one of the lobby’s most active minions in the European Parliament, Juan Fernando Lopez Aguilar, a Spanish Member of the European Parliament’s S&D Group, is making himself busy with collecting signatures of his fellow MEPs to protest against Mrs. Elósegui’s appointment. Continue reading “The LGBT lobby’s nasty campaign against a newly appointed ECtHR judge”

Another backlash for the LGBT-Agenda

fabricio_alvarado_810_500_55_s_c1According to a recent report on LifeSiteNews, there are increasing indicators that the strategy of the international LGBT lobby, which consists in promoting fake news, fake science, and consistent misuse of judicial or administrative powers, is backfiring. Citizens are beginning to realize that it is not homosexuals who are being bullied, but normal people like themselves.

Perhaps the most remarkable sign of reversal is the first round of the presidential elections in Costa Rica, where, in the wake of a grotesquely unfounded decision by the Inter-American Human Rights Court according which all Member States are obliged to legislate for sodo-“marriage”, one candidate who has clearly stated his opposition to this perverse agenda (and, hence, his intention to free Costa Rica from the dictates of this sham tribunal) has taken the lead, defeating the candidates of the country’s biggest political parties.  It appears that ordinary citizens are no longer indifferent to the manipulations and power abuses of once prestigious “human rights bodies”…

Solemn blessings for same-sex couples? Yes, under certain conditions.

cardinal_marx_credit_bohumil_petrik_cna_10_5_15-e1517929656977.jpegCardinal Reinhard Marx of Munich, generally considered to be one of Pope Francis’s top advisers, has provoked a great media stir by saying that he would not oppose the idea of giving formal blessings to same-sex couples, prompting comments that he appears to promote a new religion that is no longer Christian.

However, taking a closer look at what the Cardinal has in fact said, one finds that his statement is elusive, leaving a wide margin of  interpretation.

Thus, assuming (as one always should, unless there is proof to the contrary) that the Cardinal wanted to make a statement that is in keeping with his Church’s teaching, what he probably meant was that a solemn blessing could be given to homosexual couples (or individuals, as the case may be) who make a solemn vow to henceforth abstain from sodomy.

That would actually be a good idea. Sinners who make a serious effort to turn away from their vices are certainly deserving of every blessing the Church can give.  Condemning the vice, but giving support to those who want to turn away from it, is precisely the discernment (i.e., the distinction between sinner and sin, which has always underpinned the Church’s teaching) and accompaniment that is needed in such situations.

If only his Eminence could develop his good ideas in a somewhat clearer manner…