Schulz tells Germans to stop dictating – He should know!

PG-14-Martin-Schulz-In a statement typical of leftist propaganda, German Socialist leader Martin Schulz said in an interview with French newspaper Le Monde that Germans should stop dictating to other EU states. Comrade Schulz did not blush while making this hypocritical statement, apparently having airbrushed from history his five-year autocratic leadership of the European Parliament. Continue reading “Schulz tells Germans to stop dictating – He should know!”


German Parliament in favour of sodo-“marriage”. Austrian Parliament against.

077017-000-a_2120958.jpgTwo parliamentary votes on same-sex “marriage” have taken place this week in Germany and Austria. In Germany, the cause of sodomy has triumphed, while in Austria it was once more defeated. Continue reading “German Parliament in favour of sodo-“marriage”. Austrian Parliament against.”

Angela Merkel’s cynical sell-out on marriage

de-aw832_merkel_g_20130920145946All of a sudden, without any prior warning, Angela Merkel has now indicated (in her typical mumbo-jumbo language) that she would accept a free vote on sodo-“marriage” in which all Members of the German Bundestag will be “free to follow their conscience”.

This means that very soon – perhaps even still this week? – Germany will follow other European countries in defacing marriage and family and elevating sodomy to an honourable status. That looks like a rather casual way of dealing with, and in fact getting rid of, our civilization’s most fundamental institution. Continue reading “Angela Merkel’s cynical sell-out on marriage”

The “Schulz-Effect”: Socialists lose first election under his leadership

Following the sudden ascendance of Martin Schulz as their new leader, Social Democrats in Germany have gone through a  delirium of optimism, hoping that the former EP President’s “popularity” and “leadership” would boost their chances to win the national elections in September. The media wrote about “Saint Martin”, “Martin the Saviour”, and of a “Schulz-Effect” – and opinion polls suggested that the Social Democrats were now ahead of Angela Merkel’s CDU. Only last week Schulz was elected the new president of the Socialist Party with 100% of delegates’ votes.

Well, the hype didn’t last long. Continue reading “The “Schulz-Effect”: Socialists lose first election under his leadership”

Martin Schulz to introduce same-sex “marriage” in Germany

Evelyne PARADIS, Martin SCHULZ, Juris LAVRIKOVSFormer European Parliament President Martin Schulz, now campaigning to be German Chancellor, is planning to impose same-sex “marriage” in Germany if his SPD party wins the Bundestag elections in September. During his time in Brussels he was close to the extremist LGBT militants and now wants to impose their ideology in Germany. Continue reading “Martin Schulz to introduce same-sex “marriage” in Germany”