This “prejudice” isn’t really one: Atheists are considered immoral, even by fellow atheists

atheism.jpgA new study carried out by the University of Kentucky has found out that atheists are generally considered to be the most immoral and untrustworthy group in society, including by themselves.

The title of the study speaks of “extreme intuitive moral prejudice against atheists”, but in fact the alleged “prejudice” corresponds to plain common sense: while religious believers have an expectation to be rewarded for their good deeds and punished for their misdeeds, atheists lack such an incentive and must thus seek virtue for virtue’s sake alone. Continue reading “This “prejudice” isn’t really one: Atheists are considered immoral, even by fellow atheists”


Obituary: Michael Novak, American theologian (1933-2017)

257725_5_Michael Novak, one of the most influential American theologians and philosophers of the 20th century passed away on 17 February. Novak, who served as an Ambassador under US President Ronald Reagan, and an adviser to two Popes, made his own small contribution to defeating the tyrannical communist systems of the Soviet bloc. Continue reading “Obituary: Michael Novak, American theologian (1933-2017)”

Vienna: Nursery school teacher is fired because she explained to her pupils the religious meaning of Christmas

A city-run kindergarten in the Austrian capital Vienna has fired a teacher because she “violated the kindergarten’s neutral stance on religion” by explaining her pupils, in response to questions asked by them, that on Christmas Christians celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ.  According to the institution’s policy, “tolerance” means that religion cannot be tolerated, and “education” means that children must be kept unaware of the cultural context in which they grow up. Continue reading “Vienna: Nursery school teacher is fired because she explained to her pupils the religious meaning of Christmas”

“Humanist” association gives award to doctor for killing a healthy (but depressed) woman

On 21 June, which they celebrate as the “International Humanism Day”, the HumanistischVrijzinnige Vereniging (Liberal Humanist Association) has awarded its “Liberal Humanism Prize 2015” to Dr. Wim Distelmans, “an eminent humanist who has demonstrated in his life and work of a genuine and sustained liberal humanist engagement.”

The eminent humanist is a trained physician who is pushing euthanasia to its extreme consequences. He acquired notoriety when he killed healthy but depressed Godelieva De Troyer because she wanted to die.

De Troyer wasn’t Distelmans’ only “liberal humanist” achievement. Further victims of his humanist activities include a trasgendered person upset at the outcome of sex change surgery and deaf twins who were losing their eyesight.

Religion-haters and baby-killers update their hate list

The European Humanist Federation (EHF), an organization of militant religion-haters who want to build a “Secular Europe for All” (including those who haven’t asked for one) is very worried over the increasing influence of groups who actively promote the right to life for all human beings, the right to freedom of conscience and religion, or the true and natural understanding of family and marriage. Continue reading “Religion-haters and baby-killers update their hate list”

When intolerance clashes with intolerance, violence ensues

Following yesterday’s terrorist attack against the satirical magazine “Charlie Hebdo”, we are witnessing some rather cynical attempts to sacralize the victims and to instrumentalize their death. But though we do not hesitate to condemn the attack (as we would condemn any such act, no matter by whom and against whom it is committed), we are wondering whether having been murdered is really so meritorious as to confer an aura of sanctity to the four caricaturists and their work. Continue reading “When intolerance clashes with intolerance, violence ensues”

Anti-religious MEPs attack Pope ahead of Strasbourg visit

Following an invitation made by President Martin Schulz, Pope Francis is going to honour the European Paliament in Strasbourg with a visit next Tuesday, 25 November.

As had to be expected, the militantely atheist fringe of the Parliament could not let this occasion pass without drawing attention to itself. Here is the copy of an e-mail that two MEPs Virginie Rozière (radical left from France) and Sophie in ‘t Veld (ALDE/Netherlands – picture) have sent to their colleagues, erecting a funny monument of their own bigotry: Continue reading “Anti-religious MEPs attack Pope ahead of Strasbourg visit”