Austria : it now seems inevitable that the presidential elections will have to be repeated.

hofburg_innen100-_v-promotionThe UK referendum on leaving or remaining in the EU is now just two days away, and according to all forecasts the outcome on this divisive topic is going to be very narrow. Let us just hope that the Brits are more capable than the Austrians to organize a democratic vote. It may be worthwhile for them to follow with close attention the hearing that is currently going on before the Constitutional Court in Vienna. Continue reading

Where is the outcry of the anti-discrimination fanatics?

trimmelLast year we reported about an incident in Vienna in which the owner of a café politely asked to women to continue their French kisses and other expressions of mutual sexual attraction elsewhere than on his premises, as the other visitors of the café were not keen on being witnesses of this exchange  of intimacies. Oh horror, two “LGBT persons” had become the victims of “discrimination”! Obviously, this lead to an outcry of the international LGBT-lobby, the vandalization of the entrance of the café, a concerted protest on Facebook, and a big “kiss-in” (which actually took on quite aggressive forms) right in front of the café. And of course, the usual politicians calling for stricter “anti-discrimination” rules. Continue reading

Austria: more than a mere landslide

hofburg_innen100-_v-promotionIt is probably an understatement to speak of a “landslide”: with Rudolf Hundstorfer (Socialist) and Andreas Khol (Popular Party) each winning around 11% of the votes cast, the candidates representing the two parties in government have jointly won less than a quarter of the votes in the first round of the presidential elections. Contrary to what opinion surveys predicted, the clear and undisputed winner is Norbert Hofer of the populist “Freedom Party”, with more than 36% of the vote. At the time of writing it is still unclear whether Alexander van der Bellen (Green Party) or former Supreme Court judge Irmgard Griss (independent), each of whom have received around 19% of the votes, will make it into the second round, for which only the two leaders of the race qualify. Continue reading

Homo activist pretends he is fighting for children’s rights

There is apparently no level of hypocrisy that homo-activists are going to shirk away from when it comes to find new arguments for their so-called “marriage equality”.

Helmut Graupner, a homosexual attorney from Austria who has in recent years been particularly successful in bringing complaints to the European Human Rights Court that provided the pretext for the ECtHR’s absurd and legally unfounded judicial activism on new homo-rights, is at it again. This time he has filed a complaint to the Regional Administrative Court of Upper Austria on the grounds that a female same-sex couple he represents have not received a marriage licence. He hopes that the Administrative Court will use this as a pretext to request the Constitutional Court to declare unconstitutional the law according which only a man and a woman can marry. Continue reading

Identity theft

In Graz (Austria) a woman aged 25 has discovered that she is not who she thought she was. Upon participating in a blood donation program it turned out that she cannot be a descendant of the woman she believed to be her mother. It is now surmised that due to organizational mismanagement in the clinic where she was born she was by accident given to the wrong parents immediately after her birth. The public authorities have now called upon all women who were born during the same week in the same hospital to undergo tests in order to find out the other woman who grew up with the wrong parents.

Tragic as this may be, it was at least not intentional that two women grew up with false identities. However, the outrage over this case makes us wonder why the exactly same situation, i.e. having to grow up with a false identity, should be perfectly acceptable in cases of surrogacy, sperm and egg cell donation, etc., in which reproductive doctors and their clients usually have no qualms at all about bereaving children of their true parents and their true identities.

Only because the adults decide it that way?

Austria: 50.000 sign petition calling for transparency on abortion

fvhfnqBesides Luxembourg, Austria is the only country in the EU that does not collect statistical information concerning (“legal”, i.e. non-punishable) abortion.

Such information, in particular concerning the reasons for which women decide to have abortions,  would be of paramount importance to help pregnant women in distress. It would help to find solutions that allow them to give birth to their babies.

But the politicians do not want ko know, nor do they want to help. Continue reading