Austria: clear majority intends to vote for parties that uphold Christian lead culture

UnbenanntIn a pre-election debate organized by the private TV sender “Puls 4”, the leaders of the six parties competing in the upcoming national elections were asked whether they thought that Austria “needs a Christian lead culture that should be inscribed in the countries constitution”. This answer had to be answered with Yes or No, although it was possible to add some nuance in the subsequent debate. Continue reading


Lesbian Lunacek to leave EP

Lunacek, head of the Electoral Observation Mission of the European Union, arrives to a news conference in TegucigalpaUlrike Lunacek (Greens), openly lesbian EP Vice-President notorious for her abortion-and-sodomy militantism, is going to leave the European Parliament. She will return to her native Austria to be the Green Party’s “lead candidate” (Spitzenkandidat) in the upcoming national elections. Continue reading

Austria: Socialists are in favour of sodo-“marriage” … but vote against it

As we reported earlier this week, the Socialist/Conservative coalition government in Austria has broken down, and new elections will take place in autumn. In this situation of divorce and settling of scores, the temptation is great to use the remaining months prior to the elections in order to out-vote the former coalition partner on a number of key issues. This is why the Greens and the Liberals (NEOS) in the Austrian Parliament today launched a motion to quickly get a law on so called “marriage equality” (so called, because it would put marriage on equal fooying with sexual perversion) adopted by themselves and the openly pro-sodomy Socialists.

The Socialists, however, did not go along. While affirming that they were in favour of sodo-“marriage”, they did not vote in favour of it, as Austrian media reported. Continue reading

Austria: Strache ante portas

Juncker, Timmermans, and other EU leaders may not be happy to hear it, but in all likelyhood there will soon be another EU Member State with a Euro-skeptic government. But this time, the Member State concerned is a net payer, and the Euro-skeptic leader in question is more “hard-core” than, say, Viktor Orban or Jaroslaw Kaczynski. Continue reading

Austria: reproduction clinic messed up sperm cells

IMG_2076_16x16_BLUEAn Austrian family has found out that the two daughters have no biological relationship at all with their “father”, who had had them “made” by one of the country’s leading experts on medically assisted reproduction, according to a report by the country’s leading newspaper. It appears that the Bregenz-based  clinic owned and run by Dr. Herbert Zech, President of the Austrian Society for Reproductive Medicine, mixed up the intended father’s sperm cells with somebody else’s, handing over to the parents a child that was not biologically related to the father. Continue reading