Trump scraps Obama’s Toilet-Decree

_89683001_89683000Sanity returns to the sanitary. US President Donald Trump has accomplished another important objective of his presidency, scrapping his pre-decessor’s controversial “Toilet-Decree”, which allowed men to use women’s bathrooms, and vice versa, solely on the basis of a person’s self-ascribed “gender identity”. Critics had described this decree as “post-factual” legislation par excellence, and warned that, creating optimal conditions for voyeurism and sexual assaults, it threatened the privacy and safety of people with normal sexual behaviour..

Liberals in the US are railing.

Did President Obama encourage illegal immigrants to cast a vote in the upcoming elections?

While Presidential hopeful Donald J. Trump is scolded by mass-media world wide for his plan to curb illegal immigration, the sitting President does the opposite: he is encouraging illegal immigrants to go and participate in the elections. Which is – need we say it? – illegal.

This new Presidential statement makes Trump’s publicly stated concerns over a “rigged election”, for which again he was widely criticised, suddenly look very concrete and realistic.


Cultur of Death’s dirty war against the Catholic Church

You don’t need to be Catholic, or adhere to another Christian denomination, or even to any religion at all, in order to understand that in today’s world the Catholic Church is the most formidable  beacon of resistance against the all-pervasive Culture of Death. There may be other opponents – but the Catholic Church is the one that unites a great number of adherents, the capability of acting globally and reaching out to people of all social backgrounds, and a coherent set of arguments that, being grounded on sound philosophical thinking, cannot be easily dismissed as some kind of outdated “belief” of “superstition”.

If only the Catholic Church could be overcome, there would be nothing to prevent the destruction of society and the world-wide triumph of child-slaughtering, the physical liquidation of weak and the elderly, gender-ideology, sodomy, and the trafficking of human beings by so-called “reproductive doctors”.

The promoters and profiteers of the Culture of Death know this too – perhaps better than most Catholics. That is why they viscerally hate the Catholic Church and seek to fight it both from the outside and from within. Continue reading

US Elections: What is really at stake

0412trumpclintonmissouriThe stream of incredible news about US presidential hopeful Donald Trump seems endless. We seem to have already grown use to his coarse language, and to his promises of shutting the frontier to Mexican and/or Muslim immigrants. The latest news is that he wants the US to leave the World Trade Organization (!) and that he does not consider it worthwhile to support Estonia or other NATO partners in the (hypothetical) case of a Russian aggression.

Both suggestions are of course nonsense. Dangerous nonsense. Dangerous both for the US and for the rest of the world.

With regard to Hillary Clinton, the (Western European) mass media seem far less critical. This is unfortunate. While there is no doubt that the possible election of Donald Trump should be a reason for concern for any serious-minded observer, the election of Hillary Clinton would hardly be better. Continue reading

What it takes to be “ultra-conservative”

scaliaUS Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia was 79 years old when he died yesterday. Nobody seems to have expected his sudden and untimely death; however, at this age death is never something that should be considered remote.

The newspapers are now full of comments on the man and his achievements, and the more benevolent ones call him “brilliant”, while others call him “ultra-conservative”. Without doubt, he was more “brilliant” than ultra-conservative”, but what set him off against many of his colleagues at the US Supreme Court was something quite different. Continue reading

Africa bravely fights back against UN and US pressure to accept homo-agenda

Western support for the homo-agenda is irredeemably undermining the West’s credibility as a beacon of human rights.

C-Fam reports that Nigeria has publicly chastised the UN human rights office for its attempts to  to impose same sex marriage and outlaw commonly-held views on homosexuality. The sharp rebuke accused the UN officials of infringing on the right to democracy, religious freedom, and cultural standards that strengthen families. Continue reading

Careless babbling is dangerous when it comes from a US President

Intellectual laziness? Lack of basic cultural knowledge? Or is it simply that he hates Christians? US President Barack Obama has committed a terrible faux-pas last week when, speaking at the National Prayer Breakfast, he first talked about the crimes committed by ISIS and Boko Haram and then went on to draw a moral equivalence between Christianity and radical Islamo-Fascism:

“Unless we get on our high horse and think this is unique to some other place, remember that during the Crusades and the Inquisition, people committed terrible deeds in the name of Christ…. In our home country, slavery and Jim Crow all too often was justified in the name of Christ.” Continue reading