Mass-immigration: can we return to rationality and proportionality, please?

The increased presence of Islam in Europe and the fear of mass immigration are leading German politicians to hyperventilate. Federal Chancellor Angela Merkel and nearly the entire political spectrum to the left of her Christian Democratic Union (CDU) try to solve the problem by denying it, claiming that it will be no problem to integrate the one million or more Islamic migrants that have reached the country in 2015, and the many more that are expected to arrive this year.

But the national-conservative “Alternative für Deutschland”, a new political group that has emerged just recently to give a voice to the rapidly increasing Euro-scepticism and concern over uncontrolled mass immigration among the German electorate is right now doing all it can to undermine its own credibility as a possible alternative to Mrs. Merkel’s policy of unrestrictedly open borders. The leader of the group, Frauke Petry, has asserted that the border police should prevent illegal immigration “if necessary through the use of firearms”, and her deputy, MEP Beatrix von Storch, has added that this might also apply to women and children who seek to cross the border illegally. Continue reading “Mass-immigration: can we return to rationality and proportionality, please?”


Unbelievable: German court authorizes murder incitement

Reversing an injunction it had issued just two years ago, a Berlin law court has decided that incitement to hate, violence and murder can be legal if it is directed against pro-lifers and dressed up as “art”. The Schaubühne Berlin can therefore continue staging a play in which it explicitly incites hatred against, and calls for the assassination of meritorious and respectable human rights defenders such as Hedwig von Beverfoerde (the leader of the pro-family movement Demo für Alle), Gabriele Kuby and Birgit Kelle (Book authors critical of Gender-Ideology), or Beatrix von Storch (conservative MEP).

The sodomite thugs rejoice at what clearly cannot be understood in any other way than as an invitation for them to spread even more hate and violence. Continue reading “Unbelievable: German court authorizes murder incitement”

Germany: pro-marriage activist wins injunction against playwright inciting to kill her

csm_Hedwig_von_Beverfoerde_2015_389e985096Hedwig von Beverfoerde, leader of the pro-family group Demo für alle, has won a preliminary injunction against the Berliner Schaubühne, a theater that had staged a play reminiscent of the Two-Minutes-Hate in George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty Four, portraying her and other defenders of marriage and family as “zombies” which “must be shot in the face” and “put under the earth”– which can hardly be understood in any other may than as an incitement to hate and even murder. Just a few days after the premiere, unknown arsonists put Mrs. von Beverfoerde’s car and house on fire. The same happened to Beatrix von Storch, an MEP who also was featured as a target in the Schaubühne’s hate event.  Continue reading “Germany: pro-marriage activist wins injunction against playwright inciting to kill her”

Germany: the Red Terror continues

csm_Farbbeutelanschlag-BvS_3907145bddIn Germany the radical left, emboldened by the inertia of police and the judiciary and encouraged by scarcely concealed support from the Socialist politicians, continues its terror campaign in against pro-life and pro-family politicians and NGOs. Tonight the Berlin office of MEP Beatrix von Storch, who in the EP has won notoriety for her critical stance both with regard to the EU’s monetary policy and its support for questionable social ideologies such as Gender Theory, has been devastated. This happened just a few days after Mrs. von Storch’s car was set on fire by unknown vandals.

Mrs. von Storch is one of several personalities who have been publicly singled out as appropriate targets for violent attacks, including attacks against life and bodily integrity, by representatives of the fashionable leftist establishment in the German capital. The most odious example for this hate campaigning is a play entitled “Fear” by playwright Falk Richter, currently on Stage at the Schaubühne in Berlin.

Germany: political extremists use arson to intimidate defenders of marriage and family

csm_55406_55408_b2badf65ecIn Germany there have been within just a few days two cases of arson directed against the property (and possibly the lives) of two prominent defenders of marriage, family, and the right to life. The first involved a conservative MEP, Beatrix von Storch, whose car was set on fire right in front of her house in Berlin around a week ago. Mrs. von Storch is a member of the European Parliament’s FEMM Committee, where she regularly intervenes to unmask the anti-human-rights agenda of the radical left. The second incident happened on Sunday night at Magdeburg, where unknown arsonists have burned a car and part of a building owned by the husband of Hedwig von Beverfoerde. Continue reading “Germany: political extremists use arson to intimidate defenders of marriage and family”