Set-back for sodomites?

4df2f42e796f15a5ff09138b710f53b8While sexual deviants from all corners of Europe are today meeting in Brussels to exhibit themselves and their various sexual “orientations” in a so-called “Pride event” (what is there to be proud about? By the same logic, will we soon see the first “cancer pride”, “obesity prid”, “burn-out pride” or “alzheimer pride” marches appearing on our streets???),, a bizarre media outlet with a strong focus on all things LGBT, has published a commentary in which – quoting extensively from propaganda material distributed by the fake “non-governmental” group ILGA Europe – it is bemoaning that “most EU States” are “drifting backwards on LGBT rights”.

Is this really so? One would like to get more details. But certainly, when society has been heading in the wrong direction for many years, turning back is the right thing to do. There is nothing wrong in that.


Belgium: Ex-“Catholic” University promotes new “values”

UCL-logoA truly incredible case of bigotry is reported from Belgium, where the (once upon a time, but not anymore) “Catholic” University of Louvain has suspended a lecturer and launched disciplinary proceedings against him for having written in a text manual that abortion is murder. Continue reading “Belgium: Ex-“Catholic” University promotes new “values””

Wallonian Parliament seeks to stop dumping of human remains tiny southern Belgian region of Wallonia has made world headlines for blocking a trade deal between the EU and Canada, concerning 545 million potential beneficiaries. On 9 November 2016 the regional Walloon Parliament in Namur will be debating a much more local issue, how to decendly dispose of the ashes of the 15,000 Walloons who are cremated each year. In the unparalleled complexity of the Belgian federal set-up, legislation on funerals, cremation and burials are deemed a “regional competence”. Continue reading “Wallonian Parliament seeks to stop dumping of human remains”

CETA: The European Union exposed to ridicule

We normally don’t write about trade policy on these pages. But today we do have to make a comment: the EU’s spectacular failure to agree on the signature and provisional application of the “Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement” (CETA) with Canada marks a new and decisive further step in the Union’s demise. Whatever the merits of the argument may be – the astounding fact that a regional government representing less than one percent of the EU’s population is allowed to block a trade deal that has been negotiated for seven years and that is considered by experts to represent a very satisfying negotiation result shows that the EU is now structurally unable to deliver on one of its core competences, trade policy. As a result, it can hardly any more expect to be taken seriously either by citizens or the outside world. Continue reading “CETA: The European Union exposed to ridicule”

Once again confirmed: homo-“parenting” and child trade are part of a parcel

CONFERENTIEHomoWensVadersBrusselThe baby-selling industry, which caters for the needs of wealthy homo-couples wishing to play “parents”, is returning to Brussels for the second year in a row to hold a commercial fair entitled “Men having babies”. The event will take place in September at the Hilton Hotel in the city centre, which offers special rates for participants. The website of the organisers claims that this years’ edition will be bigger “given the high demand we had last year”, and from further reading on their website it is clear that to them having a “family”is very much a matter of offer and demand, i.e. that the “right to a child” is held by everyone who is wealthy enough to pay for it. The child is turned into a tradeable good, and human relationships are superseded by a radically commercial logic. Continue reading “Once again confirmed: homo-“parenting” and child trade are part of a parcel”

Bad behaviour at the EP

This incident happened already some weeks ago (on 25 January, to be exact), but it is worth being recorded here. The man whose disruptive behaviour is spinning completely out of control is Louis Michel, a former Belgian Minister of Foreign Affairs  and former EU Commissioner. His son Charles is currently the Prime Minister of Belgium.

Quite astonishing that a man with such lack of manners was able to climb to such heights in both domestic and European politics.


Incredible: surrogacy entrepreneur in charge of PACE’s report on surrogacy report

maxresdefault“Reproductive medicine”, i.e. the production of babies in vitro for people who cannot have one (such as infertile couples, homosexual couples, or individual persons) is a big business that promises huge benefits for those involved in it. And quite obviously the baby-production industry has a big economic stake in ensuring that any legal obstacles for its activities to be removed, or, even better, in persuading lawmakers that these activities should be subsidized through public funding.

It is therefore self-evident that asking a “reproduction doctor” to be the rapporteur for a PACE resolution on surrogacy smacks of a conflict of interest. This is even more so if the person at question is not only a “reproduction doctor” (who happens to be the head of one among only 4 medical facilities in Belgium that offer surrogacy despite the absence of a legal framework for it), but also a well-known representative of the LGBT lobby, which seeks to create a legal entitlement for same-sex couples to get access to other people’s children. Continue reading “Incredible: surrogacy entrepreneur in charge of PACE’s report on surrogacy report”