UN spreading Communist ideology on “International Wymyn’s Day”

8 March, the so-called “International Women’s Day”, was first celebrated in the Soviet Union thanks to V. I. Lenin and his People’s Commissioner for Social Welfare, Alexandra Kollontai. It was also under Lenin and Kollontai that the Soviet Union became the first country to legalize the murdering of un-born children, and to abolish the institution of marriage (which, however, was re-introduced soon afterwards). Nowadays, it is institutions like the UN and the EU who force this Communist holiday on citizens.

The UN today issued a statement by “Women’s Human Rights Experts”, which laments the fact that some countries still dare to protect the human right to life as from the time of conception. Continue reading “UN spreading Communist ideology on “International Wymyn’s Day””


Obituary: Michael Novak, American theologian (1933-2017)

257725_5_Michael Novak, one of the most influential American theologians and philosophers of the 20th century passed away on 17 February. Novak, who served as an Ambassador under US President Ronald Reagan, and an adviser to two Popes, made his own small contribution to defeating the tyrannical communist systems of the Soviet bloc. Continue reading “Obituary: Michael Novak, American theologian (1933-2017)”

MEPs criticise Juncker’s praise for Cuban dictator

https://i2.wp.com/namzalezy.pl/wp-content/uploads/2016/12/marek-jurek.jpgDuring their plenary session in Brussels this week, Members of the European Parliament expressed disapproval for the insensitive and inappropriate statement made by Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker on the death of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro. This follows the overt challenge to the gaffe-prone Juncker by his own Trade Commissioner Cecilia Malmstrom who publicly rejected her boss’s fawning comments about the major human rights abuser. Continue reading “MEPs criticise Juncker’s praise for Cuban dictator”

EU Commission President mourns loss of Cuban dictator

https://i2.wp.com/cdn.images.express.co.uk/img/dynamic/1/590x/juncker-castro-736929.jpgIn an astounding lack of sensitivity for the families of the victims of the Castro dictatorship, EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker fell over himself in expressing his sadness at this ‘great loss’. Fidel Castro, who passed away on 26 November, ruled communist Cuba with an iron fist for almost five decades. While it would be unchristian to welcome the death of any human being, it is important not to forget the inhuman legacy of the Castro regime. Continue reading “EU Commission President mourns loss of Cuban dictator”

“Nowadays, the Communists are sitting in Brussels”

The following is an interview with Vladimir Palko, originally published in German by the website FreieWelt.net. Mr. Palko was Minister of Interior affairs of the Slovak Republic from 2002 to 2006.

Q. In your book “The Lions Are Approaching” you write that Communism has triumphed in Europe – in the form of the EU. Can you please explain this affirmation?

A. This depends on how you define Communism. The main branch of Communism throughout the 20th century was the one promoted by Lenin and the Soviet Union, characterised on the one hand by total state control over the economy and on the other hand by a repressive political system controlled by the Communist Party. Definitively, this branch of Communism is dead.

However, you can have a wider understanding of “Communism”. As one can read in their Communist Manifesto, Marx and Engels saw themselves as Communists. And besides affirming the necessity to change the economic system, they also called for a transformation of the family. Some decades later, the Italian thinker Gramsci understood that for the destruction of society and the victory of the Communist Revolution to take place, it is first necessary to engineer profound cultural changes. In the West, these changes came about in the 1960s, and they had much in common with Soviet Communism. In my book I try to point out some of these links.

In the sense of this wider concept of Communism – yes, the EU clearly serves as a tool to promote this ideology in Europe and even world-wide. The same can also be said of the UN and – to a certain degree – of the United States. Continue reading ““Nowadays, the Communists are sitting in Brussels””