French far-left leader investigated for fraud of EU funds

86687981_oThe French judicial authorities have opened an investigation into the finances of the leader of the French far-left Jean-Luc Mélenchon. It is alleged that he while he was a Member of the European Parliament for two terms, he illegally used EU funds intended to pay salaries of parliamentary assistants to pay for work done for his national far-left party back home. Continue reading


Schulz scandal: Social Democrats now claim that fraud is “normal practice” in the EP

Wahlkampftour des SPD Spizenkandidaten fuer die Europawahl 2014 Martin Schulz Foto: Martin Schulz in einem Charterflieger auf dem Weg von Dortmund nach Bremen In der Luft, 02.052014  [Rechte Dritter nicht beim Fotografen, keine Haftung bei Forderungen von abgebildeten Personen oder deren abgebildeten Gegenstaenden - Third party rights not with photographer, no liability for claims from persons or their objects photographed] Engl.: Europe, Germany, airplane, flight from Dortmund to Bremen, election campaign tour of the SPD top candidate for the European election 2014 Martin Schulz, politics, politician, election campaign, President of the European Parliament, elections, portrait, 02 May 2014 [Third party rights not with photographer, no liability for claims from persons or their objects photographed]It appears that Der Spiegel is going to serve us the saga of Martin Schulz and his cronies only in small instalments, so that we can expect further details to emerge in the coming days or weeks. Given that Schulz’s light-handed favouritism was legendary even by the European Parliament’s standards, there is probably a lot more to come.

For today the news is that there is now documentary proof  that Schulz was fully aware of Continue reading

Greens call for fraud investigation of Martin Schulz

6a00e009865ae588330168e7691fac970cThe Greens in the European Parliament are seeking a thorough investigation of former EP President Martin Schulz, following the accusations of massive fraud of EU funds which emerged in German media last weekend. Current Parliament Vice President, Ulrike Lunacek,  Green Party member from Austria, has called upon the Parliament authorities to launch an official investigation into the affair. Continue reading