EP watchdog accuses Martin Schulz of breaching EU staff regulations

The former President of the European Parliament Martin Schulz, currently SPD candidate for German Chancellor, has been accused in Parliament’s Budget Control Committee of seeking to abuse his power to promote some of his cronies in breach of EU staff regulations. Continue reading


EU Parliament anti-fraud chief to open investigation of Martin Schulz

https://www.eppgroup.eu/sites/default/files/videos/thumbnails/25041/20130529-NM-grassle_EPP%20NM%5B14-14-36%5D.JPGThe Chair of the European Parliament’s powerful Budgetary Control Committee, Ingeborg Grässle, has vowed to open an official investigation into the accusations of fraud surrounding former EP President Martin Schulz. The scandal which was revealed by German weekly Der Spiegel on Saturday, was compounded by further revelations by UK newspaper the Sunday Times today. Continue reading