EU Parliament to censor “hate speech” in the chamber

182905In the final plenary session of 2016, the European Parliament furtively amended its Rules of Procedure to give its President sweeping powers to censor so-called “hate speech” by Members in the Chamber. Outgoing President Martin Schulz had the draconian measure drafted by fellow-socialist MEP Richard Corbett with virtually no consultation of backbench MEPs. Continue reading “EU Parliament to censor “hate speech” in the chamber”


Jean-Claude Juncker ready to quit EU stage

3856bf0500000578-0-eu_chief_jean_claude_juncker_pictured_today_in_the_eurpoean_parl-m-4_1473853132253Jean-Claude Juncker has announced that he will not seek a second five-year term as EU Commission President when his current mandate ends. Following the departure of Martin Schulz as European Parliament President last month, the announcement gives the EU an opportunity to reform, free of the arch-federalist pair. Continue reading “Jean-Claude Juncker ready to quit EU stage”

EU Parliament seeks to veto Trump’s Ambassador to EU new centre-right coalition ruling the European Parliament since the start of 2017 is seeking to block US President Donald Trump’s expected nomination as US Ambassador to the EU, economist and author Ted Malloch, claiming that it is unacceptable to accredit an ambassador to the EU that has openly declared he wants to destroy the Union. Continue reading “EU Parliament seeks to veto Trump’s Ambassador to EU”

The sorry state of the European Parliament following Marin Schulz’s term as President

Now that Martin Schulz is at last gone, the battle for his succession is in full heat. No wonder: the German bulldozer has managed to transform the role of the President of the EP from one in which the incumbent is to ensure that all debates and procedures take place in an orderly and serene way and everyone is treated fairly into one where the President is assuming disproportionate powers, as if he were some kind of head of government. As President, Schulz used all the means that were at his disposal to aggrandize himself, distributing jobs, functions and budgets to his cronies and allies, and limiting the speaking time and access to resources of those who were out of his favour. Given that the Parliament in theory consists of 750 equals, the power he accumulated was quite extraordinary. It is unsurprising that the job that he has re-shaped in this way is now coveted by other politicians of his ilk, such as Continue reading “The sorry state of the European Parliament following Marin Schulz’s term as President”

EP Presidential candidates to set out their stall in live debate
Leading candidates Tajani and Pittella

The competition to replace Martin Schulz as President of the European Parliament is heating up. Brussels-based media outlet Politico will host a six-way debate between the European Parliament’s presidential candidates this Wednesday 11 January at 18.00 CET. It can be watched via live stream on and followed on Twitter using #EPpresident. Continue reading “EP Presidential candidates to set out their stall in live debate”