This “prejudice” isn’t really one: Atheists are considered immoral, even by fellow atheists

atheism.jpgA new study carried out by the University of Kentucky has found out that atheists are generally considered to be the most immoral and untrustworthy group in society, including by themselves.

The title of the study speaks of “extreme intuitive moral prejudice against atheists”, but in fact the alleged “prejudice” corresponds to plain common sense: while religious believers have an expectation to be rewarded for their good deeds and punished for their misdeeds, atheists lack such an incentive and must thus seek virtue for virtue’s sake alone. Continue reading “This “prejudice” isn’t really one: Atheists are considered immoral, even by fellow atheists”


European “Humanists” have withdrawn their Anti-Hungary ECI

siteon0The militantly anti-religious “European Humanist Federation” has silently withdrawn its European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) called “Wake up Europe – Act for Democracy”. The ambition of that initiative had been to overturn the democratically elected government of an EU Member State, namely the government of Hungary led by the social-conservative Prime Minister Viktor Orbán. As the EHF claim, this was not due to lack of support, but rather to the insight that the ECI “was not the appropriate way to address this sensitive and complex issue”.

In the meantime, Viktor Orbán continues on his successful reform path. One of his latest achievements is to have set up a new department to assist persecuted Christians in the Middle East with an initial budget of $3.35 million.

“Humanist” lobby calls UN for help against pro-family citizens’ initiative “Mum Dad & Kids”

Humanists hateThe “International Humanist and Ethical Union”, a world-wide roof organization of anti-religious groups opposed to any proper understanding of humanism and ethics, is urgently calling on the UN bureaucracy to do something about the ECI “Mum Dad & Kids”. As they argue, the ECI’s call to recognize the family as the “natural and fundamental group unit of society”, which actually is based on a UN Resolution, is using “an erroneous naturalistic argument which supposes that this apparent ‘truth’ about ‘the family’ found in nature assumes some sort of moral duty as expressed through rights, towards that ‘family’.”

It must be concluded that for the self-described “Humanists” and “Ethicists”, morality must be detached from reality. How we see things should be different from how they are.  In fact, “morality” should be made up according to convenience.

In other words, the “Ethicists” attack not just marriage and the family, but the idea of morality as such. Very clever.


European Commission grants registration to “Humanist” hate campaign

Humanists hateThe European Commission has today communicated the official registration of the European Citizen’s Initiative (ECI) entitled “Wake up Europe!”

This initiative, organized by a militantly anti-Christian pressure group calling itself the “European Humanist Federation” (EHF), is directed against the government of one Member State, Hungary, which the organizers loathe for its steadfast and principled defense of Christian values inside the EU.

What has in particular fueled the “Humanists” ire is the fact that Hungary’s new Constitution, which was adopted in 2011 to replace a constitution stemming from the Communist era, contains an invocation of God as well as specific provisions to protect marriage, the family, and the right to life. Continue reading “European Commission grants registration to “Humanist” hate campaign”

“Humanists” hate Hungary

On the website of the militantly atheistic European Humanist Federation (EHF) one reads that members of the federation have submitted for registration a new European Citizens’ Initiative (ECI) in which they request that the European Commission trigger the procedure under Article 7 TEU to suspend the membership rights of Hungary under the EU Treaties.

The apparent reason for the scurillous initiative is that the country’s new Constitution contains a reference to God, defines marriage as the union between a man and a woman, and protects the life of the human being from the moment of conception. Inevitably, such values provoke the anger and hatred of “Humanists”. Continue reading ““Humanists” hate Hungary”

Religion-haters and baby-killers update their hate list

The European Humanist Federation (EHF), an organization of militant religion-haters who want to build a “Secular Europe for All” (including those who haven’t asked for one) is very worried over the increasing influence of groups who actively promote the right to life for all human beings, the right to freedom of conscience and religion, or the true and natural understanding of family and marriage. Continue reading “Religion-haters and baby-killers update their hate list”

When intolerance clashes with intolerance, violence ensues

Following yesterday’s terrorist attack against the satirical magazine “Charlie Hebdo”, we are witnessing some rather cynical attempts to sacralize the victims and to instrumentalize their death. But though we do not hesitate to condemn the attack (as we would condemn any such act, no matter by whom and against whom it is committed), we are wondering whether having been murdered is really so meritorious as to confer an aura of sanctity to the four caricaturists and their work. Continue reading “When intolerance clashes with intolerance, violence ensues”