EU Commission launches legal proceedings against Hungary over “fundamental rights”

maxresdefaultThe European Commission on 13 July sent a “letter of formal notice” to Hungary over that country’s new law on foreign-funded NGOs adopted just one month earlier. The EU Commissioner for Fundamental Rights, Dutch Socialist Frans Timmermans, has alleged that Hungary is in breach of EU fundamental rights law. Continue reading


Soros-owned “Human Rights Watch” has strange opinions on democracy

Given that Human Rights Watch (HRW) financially depends to more than 50% on the donations  received from George Soros, the Hungarian billionaire turned “philanthropist”, nobody should be surprised that the organisation’s true interest is not to promote anyone’s human rights, but Soros’ social agenda – a misguided Liberalism turned totalitarian. One of Soros’ paramount objectives is the deconstruction of the basic unit of society, i.e. marriage and family. This is why he is such a staunch supporter of homo-“marriage”. And this is why HRW supports homo-“marriage”, too.

As it appears, HRW are very uncomfortable with the idea that normal citizens should have the opportunity to have a say on this matter. In view of the upcoming marriage referendum in Slovenia the organization bemoans that “marriage equality is under threat”, and then it goes on:

“The rights of a minority, particularly to equality, shouldn’t be subject to removal by the whim of the majority.”

Now this is an argument that really impresses us by the truly breathtaking degree of its stupidity.  Continue reading

COFACE is the fig-leaf on the European Commission’s family policy

421848-statue_with_a_fig_leafAmong the “non-governmental” organizations that receive lavish funding from the European Commission, there is COFACE, the “Confederation of Family Organizations in the EU”, which supposedly represents the interests of families. But do they really?

Taking a look into their latest Newsletter, it becomes quite clear that, having completely absorbed the ideology of those seeking to undermine marriage and family, COFACE has lost track of what a family is. Continue reading

The European Commission’s funding for fake “civil society”: new documents

stack of official documentsNew documents have emerged that evidence that the European Commission is not only funding the greater part of the “gay rights” lobby network ILGA Europe, but that through this funding activity it is also informed of, and effectively controls, nearly every minute detail of ILGA’s activity.

These documents are made available here in two batches, one relating to ILGA’s budget planning for 2013, and the other to 2012. Continue reading

Sock-puppets support “Anti-Discrimination” Directive, genuine civil society opposes it

ILGA-Europe has published a press statement urging Member States to quickly adopt the Commission’s controversial proposal for a horizontal “Anti-Discrimination” Directive. The document has a somewhat aggressive tone, stating that the continued resistance by several Member States against the proposed measure is “unacceptable” and that the content of the proposal is “not up for negotiation or cherry picking”. This is the style of people who think they can give orders to Member States’ democratically elected governments. Continue reading