European Parliament uses bogus “science” to pressure Ireland on abortion

EPstudyUpon request of the Committee for Women’s Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM), the European Parliament’s Policy Department for Citizen Rights and Constitutional Affairs has issued a series of documents it describes as “in-depth-studies”, dealing with “Gender Equality” in various countries.

According to these “studies”, the most important pre-condition for “gender equality” is the unrestricted legalization of abortion. Abortion is viewed exclusively from the perspective of the woman’s interest. The fact that each abortion costs the life of a child, which from the moment of conception is a separate human being with human rights and dignity, is conveniently passed over in silence.

The study on Gender Equality in Ireland is of particular importance, given that those who have commissioned it intend to use it as a “proof” for their claim that Ireland’s ban of abortion is outdated and must be changed. Continue reading “European Parliament uses bogus “science” to pressure Ireland on abortion”


The FEMM Committee’s newest output: “Empowering girls through education”

Really, we are wondering at times whether it is worthwhile for us to continue opposing and criticising the European Parliament’s FEMM Committee for its countless (but fortulately non-binding) “initiative reports” with grotesque content. Maybe we should just let these bizarre texts stand and speak for themselves? Who is going to take them seriously?

The committee’s latest project is a text penned by MEP Liliana Rodrigues, a Socialist from Portugal (like the ominous Edite Estrela), dealing with the “empowerment of girls through education”. Continue reading “The FEMM Committee’s newest output: “Empowering girls through education””

Online petition and Twitter campaign against the controversial Noichl Report

european_parliament_001Please note the following Twitter campaign taking place on June 8 and 9 to defeat the EP FEMM Committee’s absurd Noichl Report :              



In this controversial (but, fortunately, legally non-binding) report:

  • 48% of paragraphs are in direct contradiction to the EU Principle of Subsidiarity
  • 35% of paragraphs are “off topic” with regard to the stated subject matter of the report: Strategy on Equality between men and women post 2015.
  • 42% of paragraphs promote the overt discrimination against men, – absurdly in a report on equality.
  • 17% of paragraphs entail serious risks of restrictions on freedom of speech of the media, freedom of education and freedom in the context of contractual agreements.
  • 7 recitals (from S to X) contain unproven pseudo-scientific assertions as well as false allegations.

In addition to the Twitter Campaign, there is also an online-petition on Citizen GO (currently available only in French and Spanish, but other language versions will be added). Sign this petition and show MEPs how far the report is out of keeping with the real expectations of citizens.

Citizens protest against Tarabella’s and Panzeri’s attempts to fabricate a “right to abortion”

30A non-legislative initiative report that even prior to its adoption causes more than 60.000 citizens to write a protest e-mail is certainly a remarkable, albeit negative, achievement for the European Parliament. This is now happening for the second time to a report on equality between men and women drafted by the Belgian Socialist MEP Marc Tarabella, who is trying to represent a “right to abortion” as a pre-condition for such equality.

Already in January, there was an on-line petition to the EP that was signed by more than 60.000 citizens to protest against the FEMM Committee’s approbation of the draft. Now, in view of the report being voted in Plenary next week, there is a second petition, which in just the few days has collected more than 70.000 signatures – this time not only against the Tarabella Report, but also against the “Panzeri Report” on human rights and democracy in the world in 2013, which also seeks to introduce the absurd notion of a “right to abortion”. Continue reading “Citizens protest against Tarabella’s and Panzeri’s attempts to fabricate a “right to abortion””

European Parliament: FEMM Committee adopts ultra-radical draft report on “right to abortion” despite civil society protest

Unimpressed by massive civil society protest, the European Parliament’s Committee on Women’s Rights and Gender Equality (FEMM) has today adopted a draft report by the Belgian Socialist Marc Tarabella on the “the Progress on equality between women and men in the European Union in 2013”, which (inter alia) pushes for unlimited “access to abortion” as a human right.

The FEMM Committee is a Committee where radical feminist MEPs have a structural majority, as other MEPs usually prefer to work on issues where the Parliament has the competence to make binding decisions. The FEMM Committee only produces non-binding “initiative reports”.

The controversial Tarabella draft will be voted in one of the European Parliament’s next plenary sessions. In the meantime, the petition against it, which already has been signed by nearly 50.000 citizens, remains open for signature.

After just 4 days, already more than 30.000 signatures against Tarabella Report…

If this continues, the European Parliament’s Tarabella-Report, through which radical MEPs in the FEMM Committe seek to endorse (inter alia) the hypothesis of a “right to abortion”, will break all records to become the Parliament’s most unpopular non-binding “initiative report” ever. The petition against it, launched only four days ago, already has been signed by more than 32.000 citizens, and new endorsements continue pouring in.

The FEMM Committee is planning to discuss the controversial draft tomorrow. The meeting will be webstreamed.

New Petition: Stop the Tarabella Report

On CitizenGO, there is a new petition to the European Parliament, asking MEPs to reject the pro-abortion Tarabella-Report.

Marc Tarabella, a Socialist MEP from Belgium, has been tasked by the FEMM Committee to draft a report on Gender Equality. He is using the occasion yet again to re-open questions that the Parliament, in rejecting the infamous “Estrela Report“, has declared settled back in 2013. In particular, the Tarabella draft is a new attempt to make the Parliament sign up to a “right to abortion”, while back in 2013 the Parliament had explicitly recognized that reaffirmed the principle of subsidiarity and clearly stated that “the formulation and implementation of policies on SRHR and on sexual education in schools is a competence of the Member States”.