France: new law seeks to prevent women from hearing the truth about abortion.

french_national_assembly_810_500_55_s_c1Just a few weeks before they will foreseeably be reduced to social insignificance, Socialists in France for (probably) the last time used their majority in the National Assembly to push through a law that, besides constituting a clamorous attack on the most fundamental of fundamental rights (such as the right to life, the freedom of speech, the freedom of information, the freedom of expression) just demonstrates how deeply infected they are with what is rightly described as the “Culture of Death”.

The new law purports to make what it calls “spreading misleading information” about abortion punishable with up to a two-year prison sentence and a fine of up to 30.000 Euro. Continue reading

“Derogatory rumours”?

991577-prodlibe-emmanuel-macron-a-lyonLibération reports that “derogatory rumours” are spreading about presidential hopeful Emmanuel Macron’s sexual inclinations.

We are not particularly interested in these rumours, but find it noteworthy that even “Libération”, a media outlet hardly reputed for its upholding of traditional moral values, apparently considers that being gay (or rather: behaving in that way) would somehow make Macron a less suitable candidate… Continue reading

The pro-aborts have lost the debate on all accounts. Therefore, they must now crack down on free speech.

20160604_ldd001_0If you need to curtail free speech, it is because you have lost the debate. The totalitarian pro-abortion and pro-sodomy régime of French president François Hollande is now reverting to the ultima ratio: it seeks to erect a legal firewall around its blatantly anti-human policy to not protect unborn children, submitting for adoption by the National Assembly a bill that would threaten with up to two years of prison and fines of up to €30.000 the mere fact of trying to “dissuade” a woman from having an abortion. Continue reading

French court rules Down Syndrome children must be hidden from public view

girl-with-down-syndromeIn a ruling that smacks of how mediaeval society treated lepers, the highest French court has ruled that images of smiling children who have Down Syndrome may not be shown on public television . The Council of State upheld the official TV censor’s banning at peak viewing times during commercials of a video entitled “Dear future Mom” which the Jerome Lejeune Foundation sought to broadcast. Continue reading