French far-left leader investigated for fraud of EU funds

86687981_oThe French judicial authorities have opened an investigation into the finances of the leader of the French far-left Jean-Luc Mélenchon. It is alleged that he while he was a Member of the European Parliament for two terms, he illegally used EU funds intended to pay salaries of parliamentary assistants to pay for work done for his national far-left party back home. Continue reading “French far-left leader investigated for fraud of EU funds”



xvma3f3c012-ff53-11e6-baf1-85bd02acada9He promised to set new moral standards for French politics. No corruption, no favouritism, no misuse of public funds. It was a campaign entirely built on morality, and on finger-pointing at the corruption of others.

He won the Presidential elections largely thanks to the fact that his main competitor, François Fillon, was torpedoed by a press campaign concerning allegations of favoritism. At the same time, the press was conspicuously disinterested in similar allegations concerning Emmanuel Macron himself, as well as some of his main supporters. Continue reading “Super-moralist”

A “Right to a Child”, no matter how…

224657As we learn from the website of the ECLJ, the European Court of Human Rights (ECtHR) is going to hear another complaint that will offer it yet another welcome occasion to use misguided “anti-discrimination” arguments to push its sinister agenda of fabricating a “Right to a Child” for all and everyone, including those who by nature could never have one.

The case at hand is Charron and Merle-Montet v. France (Appl. N° 22612/15), in which two lesbian women, who are sodo-“married” under France’s controversial Loi Taubira, complain about the fact that legislation currently in force does not allow them to become “parents” through medically assisted procreation using the sperm of an anonymous “donor”. Continue reading “A “Right to a Child”, no matter how…”

Pest or cholera?

C-LtFTFWAAA54XIAccording to the French electoral system, the less unpopular among the two candidates who make it into the second round will be the country’s next president. This appears to beEmmanuel Macron, the self-styled “neither-left-nor-right” candidate whom pollsters predict to win with around 60% against 40% over the country´s most hated woman, Marine Le Pen. Continue reading “Pest or cholera?”

“France has now the choice between chaos and decay”

TELEMMGLPICT000123805945-xxlarge_trans_NvBQzQNjv4BqH3lu2Gw5dunFHLlVQKFCMV5pjXID-P5YOJzhO37WS3QChristophe Billan, President of the Group “Sens commun” (Common Sense) that defends basic values such as marriage, family, and the right to life within the French conservative party “Les Républicains”, has expressed his disappointment with regard to the narrow defeat of François fillon in the first round of the French presidential elections. The remaining choice is between Emmanuel Macron, a slick investment banker whose programme remains totally unclear but who is liked by the liberal press, and right-wing Marine Le Pen who wants to lead France out of the EU. According to “Sens commun”, this is a choice between chaos (Le Pen) and decay (Macron) – the group is therefore not giving any advice to its supporters.