Can François Fillon still be elected French President?

7788017617_francois-fillon-a-ete-enfarine-a-strasbourg-le-6-avril-2017Among the contenders for the French Presidency, François Fillon  surely is the only one whose election could be considered as desirable both with regard to the values that this blog defends and the economic reform program he proposes. Continue reading


In France the freedom of expression is unlimited for some, but narrow for others

The French Government follows a rather lopsided approach to human rights, in particular to the freedom of expression. This is what becomes increasingly clear in the aftermath of the terrorist attacks of last week that cost the lives of 17 persons, among them 4 cartoonists of the “satirical” magazine Charlie Hebdo.

While French media and politicians (including President Hollande, who referred to them as “our heroes”…) have paid effusive homage to the four murdered cartoonists, styling them as martyrs who gave their lives so that we could continue enjoying our freedom of expression, it now turns out that this freedom is not for all. As “Le Figaro” reports, a huge number of persons have been arrested and sentenced for alleged “glorification of terrorism”, a new crime that was introduced into the Criminal Code only a few months ago. Continue reading