EU Commission to subject all its staff to LGBT “awareness training”

efb947fe4673fdf3e4750f40491b9de2--the-internet-pin-upThe European Commission on 19 July adopted so-called “Diversity and Inclusion Charter” which would see EU officials being forced to attend “awareness training” sessions aimed at subjecting them to homosexualist propaganda.

The EU administration has fallen victim to the powerful and well-funded Lesbian-Gay Bullying Totalitarian (LGBT) lobby, which has long advocated the normalisation of their sexual practices, and particularly targeted schools and public administrations. Continue reading “EU Commission to subject all its staff to LGBT “awareness training””


Martin Schulz to introduce same-sex “marriage” in Germany

Evelyne PARADIS, Martin SCHULZ, Juris LAVRIKOVSFormer European Parliament President Martin Schulz, now campaigning to be German Chancellor, is planning to impose same-sex “marriage” in Germany if his SPD party wins the Bundestag elections in September. During his time in Brussels he was close to the extremist LGBT militants and now wants to impose their ideology in Germany. Continue reading “Martin Schulz to introduce same-sex “marriage” in Germany”

Malta bans help for sufferers of unwanted same-sex attraction Maltese Parliament passed a law on 5 December that threatens fines and prison sentences on counsellors or psychiatrists who try to help people fighting same-sex attraction. Malta, which is due to take over the rotating EU Council Presidency on 1 January is seeking to prove its “European credentials” by introducing this draconian law inspired by  gender ideology. Continue reading “Malta bans help for sufferers of unwanted same-sex attraction”

Slovak EU Presidency pushes gender ideology in face of opposition by Slovak catholic Bishops, which holds the rotating EU Council Presidency until the end of 2016 continues to promote the radical gender ideology of the ‘Istanbul Convention’ despite strong statements by the Slovak bishops, warning of the dangers to children of this extremist document which seeks to deny the fundamentals of human nature. Continue reading “Slovak EU Presidency pushes gender ideology in face of opposition by Slovak catholic Bishops”

Obituary: Phyllis Schlafly (1924-2016)– a prophetic voice on the dangers of Gender Theory

108007960_phyllis_schlafly_3-large_transgfgami0iq9ih6iq4pkqv1dgxnlvpq-pvyalxx5tixbeOne of the greatest defenders of the US Constitution in the 20th Century, Phyllis Schlafly, passed away on 5 September aged 92. During 70 years of political activism she did perhaps more to defend the integrity of the Constitution, as well as the dignity of American womanhood, than any other individual. Continue reading “Obituary: Phyllis Schlafly (1924-2016)– a prophetic voice on the dangers of Gender Theory”

Who Killed Truth in Politics? A recent cover page of The Economist announced “Art of the lie: Post-truth politics in the age of social media”. Inside the lead article warns darkly of the threat to democracy posed by the notion that “feelings, not facts, are what matter”. The examples used to sustain The Economist’s thesis – Donald Trump, Ronald Reagan, the Polish Law and Justice Government, the Brexit ‘Leave’ campaign – leave us in no doubt about who the editor of this liberal newspaper believes is responsible for this threat, the political right. Continue reading “Who Killed Truth in Politics?”