EU Commission launches legal proceedings against Hungary over “fundamental rights”

maxresdefaultThe European Commission on 13 July sent a “letter of formal notice” to Hungary over that country’s new law on foreign-funded NGOs adopted just one month earlier. The EU Commissioner for Fundamental Rights, Dutch Socialist Frans Timmermans, has alleged that Hungary is in breach of EU fundamental rights law. Continue reading


Ireland: “Citizens’ Assembly” makes radical proposals to legalize baby-slaughtering

the_rock_of_cashel_ireland_europe-t2Ireland’s Prime Minister Enda Kenny is coming closer to his objective of destroying the moral texture of Irish society. Two years after the constitutional referendum that re-defined marriage as a union of “two persons” (thus opening it to the absurd notion of a “marriage” between persons of the same sex), his next target is the abolition of the constitutional protections for the right to life of the weakest and most helpless members of society, unborn children. Continue reading

CoE´s “Human Rights Commissioner” wants Ireland to cancel unborn children´s right to life

The Council of Europe’s “Human Rights Commissioner” Nils Muižnieks (a former director of the Soros Foundation) has claimed that Ireland’s 2013 Abortion Act is still too restrictive and has a “chilling” effect on doctors who must decide who meets its requirements.

Mr Muižnieks made his criticisms of Ireland’s abortion law in a report covering a range of human rights issues in Ireland. Continue reading

Hungary wants no Soros-University… and the European Commission goes ballistic

Despite criticism from outside, the Hungarian Parliament has adopted a new law that imposes new requirements for Universities in Hungary – requirements that, apparently, George Soros’s “Central European University” (CEU) is currently not able or not willing to fulfil. Immediately it is rumoured that the new law is specifically targeting the CEU, and that it it is part of a larger design to crack down on “liberalism”…  reason enough for the EU’s Deputy Sheriff Frans Timmermans to issue a lengthy press statement in which he not only expresses “concern over the situation in Hungary”, but (indirectly) even brandishes the threat of a “Rule-of-Law-Procedure” against Hungary to defend “our shared values”.  Continue reading

George Soros lost $1 billion in weeks following Trump election

George Soros, Chairman of Soros Fund Management, listens during a seminar titled The “philantropist” and speculator apparently expected the stock exchange to go down after Donald Trump had been elected – but instead it went up. This is what normally happens when a socialist government is voted out of power.

The Wall Street Journal has more information.

One may hope that this will reduce the available funds for Mr. Soros’ peculiar form of “philantropy”, which mainly consists in promoting baby-slaughtering and sodomy all over the world.

Gay propaganda: Now it’s getting really dirty…

legsOne of the secrets of success of “gay rights” propaganda was that it portrayed sodomites as people just like you and me, avoiding any mention of what these people actually do when they “have sex”. If non-sodomites were aware, discussions around same-sex “marriage” or “homophobia” would soon be over. As Marshall Kirk and Hunter Madsen, the strategists of the “gay rights” movement, wrote:

“first you get your foot in the door, by being as similar as possible; then, and only then – when your one little difference is finally accepted – can you start dragging in your other peculiarities, one by one. You hammer in the wedge narrow end first. As the saying goes, Allow the camel’s nose beneath your tent, and his whole body will soon follow.”

If this is true, then it definitely appears that the moment has now arrived where the “gay rights” movement thinks it can without risk begin speaking of those “other peculiarities”. A reader from Russia has drawn our attention to a Russian “gay rights” campaign called PULSAR, entirely funded by Western donors, that explicitly promotes anal sex, which allegedly is the preferred sexual activity of male homosexuals. Continue reading